Improve battery life on Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Improve battery life on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Recently you bought a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or simply was given and do not know how to improve its battery life? In this tutorial, you will find the best solutions to increase the battery life of the new phablet of the Korean company. The tricks are also valid for many other Galaxy smartphones.

The Galaxy Note 9, like all other devices of the Korean giant, are certainly not well seen for the battery life, fortunately, Samsung offers many settings that can come to the rescue of users.

  • Try to change the profile: Settings, device maintenance, performance mode, here you can without any problem change the profile to the performance of your phone and improve battery life by lowering the performance.
  • The resolution of the screen plays an important role: try to never use the resolution of the display all day, to decrease it go to Settings, display, screen resolution, a lower resolution makes much less processor and graphics card of the phone resulting in less work and therefore less energy savings.
  • Stop the apps you use little: Settings, device maintenance, battery, always sleeping app, select in this menu the apps that must be kept until further frozen order and do not start automatically in the background.
  • Activate the power saving mode: Settings, device maintenance, battery, energy saving, the Note 9 like many other Galaxy devices have in addition to the normal mode of energy saving of Android an extreme mode for real emergencies.
  • Keep the always on display function off: Settings, unlock screen and security, always on display, disabling the clock and notifications always in view even with the phone on standby you will save about 5% of battery all day long, it’s not so much but it’s always something that can help.

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