Improve the next generation Apple Watch battery life

One of the big problems of today’s smartwatches is their short battery life. Yes, we have some exceptions, such as the recently introduced Xiaomi Amazfit GTR, a device capable of enduring 24 days without shutting down. And it seems that the battery of the next generation Apple Watch will also surprise us.

And, although when we had the opportunity to analyze the Apple Watch 4, our feelings could not have been better, it had a great but: its limited battery life. Therefore, the Cupertino-based manufacturer has been working on a solution for some time. Well, it seems he has found it. And, new rumors point to the possibility that the American firm is negotiating to implement microLED displays in its next generation of Apple watches.

What will improve the screen of the next Apple Watch with MicroLED technology

To say that, the MicroLED is the future. as simple as that. Its operation is based on including millions of RGB diodes of microscopic size in each of the 8 million pixels of the screen. With this, it manages to combine the advantages of an OLED panel and that of an LCD.

Yes, it will have the maximum light peaks of an LCD screen, in addition to absolute blacks and the perfect contrast of OLED solutions. In addition, each of the pixels are illuminated individually, so that energy expenditure decreases significantly. And its small size helps make battery life increase even more.

Apple Watch Series 4.

The Apple Watch of 2020 could be the first model to include a microLED display

And, it seems, the American manufacturer has been negotiating with Taiwanese display manufacturers for some time to start introducing microLED panels in its next generation of Apple Watch smartwatches. The idea of ​​the firm is to replace the current models, which are committed to an OLED panel signed by LG Display, to make a qualitative leap in terms of quality and energy efficiency by moving to microLED screens.

Of course, it must be taken into account that the mass production of this type of panels will have a delivery time of approximately nine months, so any hardware revision of the Apple Watch 4 would continue to have an OLED panel.

But, what is clear is that Apple’s next watch will improve its battery significantly. And the idea that an Apple Watch 5 reaches the market with a battery of one week is very interesting.

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