While the world is getting to know the wonders of 5G on mobile devices, in China it is already time to plan the future: as reported today by the China Securities Journal, plans are already planned that could lead to an arrival of 6G network by 2030.

The magazine takes up the words of Su Xin, head of the whole 5G project within the Chinese Government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Xin is beginning to probe the field especially for a fundamental aspect: what could be the fields of application of the 6G?

It is worth remembering that the now imminent 5G (2019 will mark the arrival of the new mobile connection standard) will manage to reach a speed of 1Gbps. An unimaginable figure only up to a few years ago and it is also for this reason that it really makes an impression to think of the 1 Tbps (1000 Gbps) that will guarantee the 6G.

Needless to point out that for the current use that we make of our smartphones would be an almost “useless” speed; but the discussion changes if we think of the evolution that in the coming years we expect from virtual reality, without considering more industrial areas. Of course, it is also worth considering if in twelve years we can guarantee adequate instruments and infrastructures, but on the other hand we are only at the dawn of a new era…


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