Now You Can Visit NASA International Space Station @ 35000 Dollars Per Night
Now You Can Visit NASA International Space Station @ 35000 Dollars Per Night

The Chief of the Indian Space Agency ISRO, K Sivan has officially announced that India is going to launch its own space station. This announcement was made on 13th June 2019.

The Gaganyaan mission is Indian’s first mission to send humans to space. Three humans will be sent to the space using Gaganyaan mission -the Indian orbital spacecraft. India launching of its own space station is a part of this Gaganyaan mission. The weight of this space station is around to be 20 tonnes.

The ISRO’s chief Sivan gave the following statement, “India will set up its separate space station in the next 5-7 years after Gangayaan is successfully completely in 2022”.

In addition to this, he said that the space station will be mainly used to conduct microgravity experiments. According to Sivan, India will not involve other countries in completing this project. ISRO has pre-planned to make astronauts live in the space for up to 15-20 days and more accurate information regarding this will be revealed after the completion of the Gaganyaan mission by 2020.

Sivan has also said that ISRO will launch two other mission to study the Sun and Venus. The name of the mission to Sun is kept as Aditya-L1 which would take place in 2020 and the mission to the Venus is expected to launch by the mid of 2023.

For your information, ISRO is going to recently launch its new spacecraft named as Chandrayaan-2 under the second Moon mission. Before this, the first spacecraft called Chandrayaan-1 was launched in 2008.

Chandrayaan-2 will take off on 15th July and is expected to land on 6th September 2019. The aim of this mission is to collect and send data on minerals, water and rock formation on the Moon’s surface.

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