Buy INEC (LiFePo) PowerBank 480WH For Laptops With Accessories

The INEC (LiFePo) Power Bank 480WH is an All-in-one Laptop Power Bank with a high capacity that is built with a laptop in mind. It is produced with high-quality rechargeable batteries. This is a unique battery indeed that can power/charge your laptop for a minimum of 12hrs and up to 24hrs. It can carry your laptop or printer (those printers that use an adaptor like; Deskjet, Photosmart, inkjets, photo printers, etc.).

It also charges/powers Modems like Huawei multi-user modem (for Spectranet 4G LTE, Swift 4G LTE, Smiles 4G LTE, etc.), Digital cameras or any gadget that is powered by 12volt/USB, e.g. phones. The battery capacity is 480WH.


  • * It supports all laptops.
  • * It works up 12 hours uninterrupted when it is fully charged and 24 hours when used on small appliances.
  • *Portable and dependable.
  • *Tested and confirmed to have a long-lasting battery.
  • *Very good and in excellent condition.

What is in the pack:

1 INEC (LiFePo) Power Bank
1 Power Bank Charger
1 Laptop connecting DC inverter

From personal experience, it charges my HP pavilion laptop up to 7 times. My laptop battery is still in good condition; it last good 4 hours when using it for browsing. This means I can use the power bank with my laptop for more than three days without using electricity as far as the power bank is fully charged.

Below are some pictures of the INEC (LiFePo) Power Bank 480WH With Adaptor and Inverter For Laptops:

Orico DUK-7P Charging Station: our review

How much is this power bank?

The power bank cost just N38,000 only and can be shipped to anywhere in Nigeria. For order, contact TecHLecToR. CONTACT US HERE

  1. Abdullahi says

    What’s the last prize for complete set and is it still available

  2. Augusto says

    Good evening,
    Can I get just the charger for the inec battery?
    If yes, how much is it.

    1. Samuel .A says

      15k for only the Charger; it is very scarce

      1. musa says

        I need the Inec charger only as I have a big inverter battery how do I send the money

        1. Samuel .A says


          I sell the complete package. You can reach us on whatsapp

      2. Moses says

        You’re a thief! Just see how you discouraged me from buying the power bank from you. How can you be selling just charger for 15k ? That’s why you people don’t make it big, things you’re supposed to sell at affordable price in order for many people to patronize you sell at high price and get few people at the end of the end.

        1. Samuel .A says

          Like seriously, I owe no one explanation on how much I get them, If you can’t pay the price, just Fvck off. After all, I am not forcing anyone to buy from me; only those who know the worth will pay (and not one broke a$$ judging me on how much to sell my items), you can head somewhere else. Okay, because you are not making it or you are a failure in life does not mean others too are failures like you. Do have a blessed day ahead.

        2. Samuel .A says

          And besides, I called it that rate because i don’t want to sell it alone,,,, so, when you have money for the complete set, you can contact us again. Thanks in advance

  3. Zaco says

    Hello, I want to inquiry if you still the INEC external battery or something similar for laptop, please get back to me with full details is still available.

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