Infinix Charger 1
Infinix Charger 1

We’ll be discussing various Infinix flash charging problems and you can possibly fix them.

Fast charging has pretty much become the norm. This feature is not only exclusive to high-end phones although almost, if not all high-end smartphones come with the fast charging feature. Some mid-range phones have also been known to pack one type of fast charging or the other.

Infinix is not an exception as some of their phones have been equipped with their version of fast charging called the Flash Charge/Flash Charging. The Infinix Hot Note, Infinix Note 2, Infinix Note 3, Infinix Note 4, Infinix Note 5 and some other Infinix devices have the flash charging feature.

The Flash Charge feature charges these phones faster than the standard charging which is why it might be pretty frustrating that your phone is taking longer to charge due to the flash charging problems. So let us take a look at the possible solutions your Infinix flash charging problems.

How To Fix Infinix Flash Charging Problems

First, you will need to to make sure that the charger you are using has fast charging capabilities or can deliver enough juice to trigger and sustain said fast charging.

For example, Chargers with “5V/1A” on them are the standard charging and are very slow when charging a phone. These type of chargers don’t give out enough output to enable the Flash charging feature on your Infinix phone.

“5V/2A” Chargers are faster than the “5V/1A” and will obviously charge your phone faster. However, the recommended one should be a much higher “7V/2A”, “9V/2A” or “12V/2A” or higher Chargers, which would give enough power to activate the Flash Charge. So if your charger doesn’t have the necessary fast charging capabilities then you will need to get a new charger that supports Infinix flash charging.

The problem might also be a faulty charging port, so to make sure that it isn’t. For that, you’ll need to try another charger to see if would charge. If it does then the fault is from the first Charger. if it doesn’t, then you might have a faulty charging port and only a phone technician can help you with that.

Other Flash Charging Problems Solutions

If your phone charges fast when it is very low (say 0-40%) and slows downs the charging speed as it goes up then you don’t need to panic. This is a normal fast charging precaution as the flash charging feature allow current to pass through to the phone at a very fast speed which in Turn makes your phone heat up a little bit and subsequently reduce the lifespan of the battery over time.

In order to reduce this, the fast charging works best when you need it the most; say 50% or below. When it gets to a considerable percentage (say 70%) it slows down the rate at which it charges the phone which will subsequently reduce the temperature of the phone.


Are you experiencing any Infinix flash charging problems not listed above? Drop a comment down below stating the problem and we’ll do our very best to help you fix it.

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  1. Hi this is ravikanth I am using infinix hot 8 mobile last 6 months one week back ago charging problem will come ( problem is mobile off time charging mobile on time no charging I don’t know what is the problem could my solve as issue

  2. Pls my infinix zero 4 stopped flash charging . I have tried so many fast charger but it’s not working. it only shows one charging sign and it can charge for the whole day without adding up to 50% pls i need help. Thanks

  3. My infinix hot8 is not charging fast any longer. Even with the charger that came with the phone. Tested other charger, still same problem. What can I do, it’s a new phone and it hasn’t spend 3months. Am getting fraustated. Help.

  4. since yesterday my phone has refused to charge fast and it is so slow that it takes more than 20mins to get an increase by 1%. I have tried different flash chargers but none are working

  5. I have an issue with my infinix Note4. Xcharge is nog working with its orignal data cable. If i replace it with another cable it start auto connect-dissconnect after every 60sec. I am clueless whts wrong with it. Plz help.

  6. My phone had fast charging options before, since yesterday it as refused to charge fast and it is so slow that it takes more than 20mins to get an increase by 1%. Please what do I do?

  7. Infinix I will fuc* your mother, fucking flash charge problem, it sucks, fuck u infinix, fuck u fuck ur mom bastard company.

  8. Pls my infinix note4 stopped flash charging at the same time it stopped connecting to computer since two weeks now I have tried so many fast charger but it’s not working i even changed the down board with a follow come good board but it’s still not working it only shows one charging sign and it can charge for the whole day without adding up to 50% pls i need solution

  9. My phone(infinix note 2)don’t access flash charge/fast charge,and its battery don’t last for a long period like 1 day or 1 1/2 day.

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