Infinix Hot 4 gets update to Android 7.0 Nougat; Download & install easily with Infinix Phone Update App

Infinix Mobility recently decided to give some of its smartphones an Android 7.0 Nougat Update between the months of April and July this year. A list which stated the smartphones to benefit from the OS update was also conveyed to the public. Of the smartphones, the Infinix Hot 4 made the list, and it can now be confirmed that the Infinix Hot 4 has successfully been updated to run on Android 7.0 Nougat. The device now joins the three Infinix smartphones which have previously received the update.

Infinix Hot 4 Android 7.0 nougat update

The update adds exciting features to the Infinix Hot 4 such as split-screen mode which gives you the benefit of using separate applications side-by-side on your smartphone. With this, you could be streaming a video while texting a message to a friend simultaneously. The update also sees the Hot 4 acquire new notification toggles and shortcuts and battery optimisations.

How To Get Android 7.0 Nougat Update Manually On Your Infinix Hot 4

  • First, download the Android 7.0 beta 2 for Infinix Hot 4 here or (New Link here)

How to install

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For the purpose of first timer, get a clean SD card and placed the downloaded Android 7.0 ROM inside

  • Press your menu key and go to system update
  • Choose update from the local option
  • Choose the version you downloaded to your SDcard and click on install
  • Your device will reboot and start upgrading to Android 7.0 nougat

How To Get Android 7.0 Nougat over the air (OTA) On Infinix Hot 4

Updating to the Android 7.0 Nougat OS is done over the air (OTA) and you simply need to go through the Software Update Settings on your Hot S. You might just want to stay connected to a Wi-fi connection throughout the download process but if you rather trust network operators, then, good for you!!

In addition, Infinix Mobility has decided to make updating your device to the Nougat OS stress-free, thereby releasing the Infinix Phone Update App which is aimed at making download and installation of Infinix software update packages easier and faster. To know more about the app, click here.

With this update, the Hot 4 (with its higher variant, the Hot 4 Pro) joins the Zero 4, Zero 4 Plus, Note 3, Note 3 Pro, S2 and S2 Pro on the list of Infinix smartphones that now run on Android 7.0 Nougat, and becomes the sixth out of the seven in the earlier-released list to get the promised update. Dear Infinix Mobility, we Hot S users are still waiting for our own update o!

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  1. Flavian says

    How can I get an android 7.0 upgrade on my hot3android 6.1.1

  2. joxi says

    Comment:does it has a side effect in hot 4 that can damage my phone

  3. Rajesh says

    Is phone Kabhi update nahi aaye ek baar update aaya tha

  4. zinox third says

    please i hope it a stable update

  5. Basit Mughal says

    if i update hot 4 LTE so please tell ill not create any problem??? i’m worried so please help me

  6. Shabbar says

    Bhut karn phone hai koi mt lena

  7. Bapirul says


  8. rohit says

    I need to update my infinix hot 4 pro built no is x5511-H3716B-M-IN-170930V140
    its androids is 6.0

    and the found here it doesnt accept i dont know what to do

    please help me

  9. Anant Kumar says

    plz dude tell me can i use this rom file in my latest hot pro 4 model no x5511-H3716B-M-IN-170930V140,
    is it works?

  10. Debbie says

    Comment:Please my apps have been malfunctioning since I installed the latest version especially whatsapp, always forcing to stop when I try to make call

  11. Debbie says

    Comment:please my apps have been malfunctioning since I installed the latest version

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      Try re-installing them

  12. Ihsan says

    I updated the system in my phone hot 4 pro so the only LTE option has removed from the setting so how can I go back to the previous update to find the only 4g option not in auto mode

  13. abubakar says

    Comment:my hot 4 doesn’t have fingerprint.when I upgrade it.will it get the fingerprint?


    It Is the first version of infinix hot 4, with finger print scanner.


    my build number is also v251, wen I tried installing from the server directly after downloading, it brings out an error message before it finishes. I downloaded again from the link given above, while installing also it brings out the error message again. Pls help

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      what is the error message?

  16. josh says

    Please how do i get hot 4 lite upgrade

  17. uche says

    It shows me error each time i try the update for infinix hot 4 pro

  18. Freddy says

    Please I can’t install the update app ,and please when is the last nougat update to drop for Infinix hot 4.

    1. emmanuel says

      Comment:i want to download the file I don’t know how to download the file how can I download it

  19. frederick says

    Pls my build number is X557-H807AD-M-170524V251
    Will it accept. Since it is the lateat OTA update

    1. Ojo Stephen says

      Of course it will. Once the app locates the update on the company’s server, just install it. Make sure your phone is not rooted though

  20. Joe says

    I can’t currently move apps to SD card. Before I consider rooting, will the Nougat OS enable me to do that, thank you (in advance) for helping

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      It seems to be a problem with all Nougat 7.0 phones. The workaround is to uninstall the app, then reinstall it. The app storage automatically goes to the SD card.

  21. daniel joshua says

    I have installed my own thank you but the problem I am having right now is that I can’t use my h+ on my phone only 3g work and is not 2 fast

  22. Joe says

    When I try to install, I get a message, the current package is not available, please choose other available packages

    1. Ojo Stephen says

      Did you download the update directly from the app or from external sources?

      1. Joe says

        The app says I’m running the latest version. So I downloaded from the link above

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