Tecno Camon C7 Full Specs Review photo 4
Tecno Camon C7 Full Specs Review photo 4

The Infinix Hot 4 and Tecno Camon C7 are two devices that have a lot of similarities, but the one that immediately comes to mind as a techie is that both were released silently into the market. The launch events for both were held low-key (no I.V. sef) and no heavy advertising has been carried out on them, compared to the devices released directly before both (Infinix Hot S and Tecno Camon C9).

Tecno Camon C7 Full Specs Review photo 4

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The differences between the two are as much as their similarities, and it is only right that both are compared to determine which one is better. In this article, we pit the Infinix Hot 4 against the Tecno Camon C7, comparing them on scales of specifications and price.

Infinix Hot 4 X557
Infinix Hot 4 X557

Compare – Infinix Hot 4 & Tecno Camon C7

Display & Design

In terms of design, both devices have a cool look, and if not for the fact that the Hot 4 is larger, I would have said that the Camon C7 is cooler than the Hot 4. The Infinix Hot 4 has a bar form factor with slightly-curved edges, and the same thing goes for the Tecno Camon C7.

Both devices are made with plastic, and the Infinix Hot 4 has a premium feel and feels superior in the hands just like the Camon C7.

Both devices have their own design differences. The Infinix Hot 4 has a textured back that gives it a firm grip in the hands, while the Tecno Camon C7 has a curved back which also allows it to be gripped firmly.

Coming to the display, the Infinix Hot 4 is larger than the Camon C7, sporting a 5.5-inch IPS display, while the Camon C7 comes with a 5-inch IPS display. Both however have the same pixel resolution, 1280 * 720 (HD), but the Hot 4 is bound to provide clearer display quality because of its advanced software.

Lastly, both are available in a wide variety of colours. The customers were put in mind when these devices were manufactured.

Memory & Performance

Both devices are powered by Quad-core Mediatek processors with speeds of 1.3GHz, but the Infinix Hot 4 uses an advanced MT6580 processor combined with a Mali 400 GPU. The Infinix Hot 4 is expected to be faster at processing complex operations than the Tecno Camon C7.

Also, the Infinix Hot 4 comes with as much RAM (2GB) and Internal Storage (16GB) as the Tecno Camon C7, and both internal storage capacities are expandable to 32GB via an external memory card slot.


The Infinix Hot 4 totally beats the Tecno Camon C7 hands-down when it comes to battery capacity. The Hot 4 packs a whopping 4,000mAh battery, while the Tecno Camon C7 comes with a 2,500mAh b battery.

Additionally, the Infinix Hot 4 comes with fast charging capabilities and refined battery saving software features.


Both smartphones support up to 3G network connectivity with no 4G LTE support, and they come with almost the same connectivity features. The Camon C7 however comes with an old version of Bluetooth technology – Bluetooth v3.0.


Since the camera compartment is the area of specialisation of all smartphones in the Tecno Camon series, the Tecno Camon C7 easily bests the Infinix Hot 4 in photography. It comes with a 13MP/13MP rear-front camera combo, as opposed to the 8MP/5MP rear-front camera combo on the Hot 4.

The rear camera on the Camon C7 is equipped with a LED flash while that on the Hot 4 uses 5P lenses. The selfie camera on the Camon C7 is superior to that on the Hot 4, featuring eye scanning capability and high-quality picture capturing.

Software and Hardware

Both devices run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and come with the custom UI versions of their respective OEMs. It is hard to say which one is better between Tecno’s HiOS and Infinix’s XOS as each comes with its own custom set of features that improve the functionality of their host devices.

The Infinix Hot 4 however packs more hardware than the Camon C7. It comes with an easy-to-use fingerprint scanner which is absent on the Camon C7. It also comes with dual stereo speakers with a special noise reduction technology called Smart Voice. That simply outranks the quality of hardware on the Camon C7.


When you compare the prices of both devices, you will be shocked to find out that the one which seems better is far less expensive than the other device. The Infinix Hot 4 currently goes for around 37,000 in Nigeria while the Tecno Camon C7 costs around 42,500 in Nigeria.

In my honest opinion, the Infinix Hot 4 is actually worth its price (with the only comma being the absence of 4G LTE), while the price of the Tecno Camon C7 is simply over-hyped. Apart from the fact that it is bigger, the Infinix Hot 4 possesses a fingerprint scanner which has become a must-have for new smartphone buyers in 2016. And the Tecno Camon C9 which is priced at N49,000 would be a better option than the Tecno Camon C7, since it costs N7,000 more.

Tecno Camon C7 vs Infinix Hot 4 – Conclusion

Overall, both devices are good middle-range smartphones, and according to me, the Infinix Hot 4 is a better option because it offers very exciting and quality features at an affordable price.

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