There is no doubt that Infinix is one of the best selling products this year. And it now looks like the most wanted Infinix Hot Note will be given a bit of upgrade from its known 1GB of RAM sported on the previous Infinix Hot Note to an upgraded 2GB of RAM. We never expected another device so soon from Infinix Mobility.

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Do you know what this means at all? More RAM lets your phone handle more tasks at once. This could be more tabs in a browser, multitasking, faster response from the phone apps and UI (since it can put more data in the memory, and not access the slower flash storage repeatedly).


The main benefit of having a large chunk of RAM on your smartphone, such as the 2GB RAM is simple. It means more apps can stay open in the background, reducing the endless opening/closing cycle that can make using a slower, less capable smartphone a tedious exercise in staring at a wide range of rotating “loading” icons.

Based on chats with some of Infinix mobile users some few weeks back, they revealed to us that they like Smartphone with a large RAM, because it allows for multitasking to suite business purposes and gaming. We have also received lot of positive feedbacks from users most especially for the high quality and low cost phones from Infinix mobile.

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As of now, most phones have CPUs with more than enough juice. The average customer doesn’t have to worry about that. But the RAM is becoming a major differentiator. If you are in the market for a new phone, get more RAM.

The next Infinix Hote Note with 2GB RAM had been tagged with #TheHottestOne.

what makes a phone hot

This advantage of more RAM compliments other features of the Hot Note like:

  • 5.5 Inch LED Screen
  • 8+2 MP Camera with LED flash
  • 4000 mAh battery with Fast Charger
  • Quad core 1.3GHz Processor
  • 16GB ROM
  • Call Gestures
  • 5 Exciting colours:  red, blue, black, white and gold
  • Upgradeable to Lollipop OS

This phone will be available on Jumia & Konga.



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