Infinix Mobility to Release Infinix Zero 2 X509


Rumor about the ongoing Infinix Kevlar has been confirmed to be Infinix Zero 2, which is to be released anytime from now. The Infinix Zero 2 x509 also known to be the Next Infinix Hero has been confirmed an upgrade to its predecessor, the Infinix Zero.



Based on a chat with Infinix insiders some few days back, they revealed to us that they had conducted an interview with users and were asked what their grumble with the Infinix products was and some stated that the original Infinix Zero didn’t last as they had expected. In spite of the fact, Infinix has also received a lot of positive feedback from users most especially for creating quality and low cost phones.

Infinix Mobility appears to have learnt a lot from its previous Infinix Zero which many Infinix users complains about. The Infinix Zero 2 is about to prove Infinix is actually paying attention to its customers. We are expecting a fix on errors made on the old Infinix Zero.


The upcoming Infinix zero 2 is confirmed to still maintains the same slim and elegant design as its predecessor, but has a great difference in terms of functionality.

The Infinix Zero 2 comes with an improved battery with an increased capacity, a larger RAM & ROM (2GB of RAM & 32GB of ROM). The body structure, most especially the back of the device is not covered with glass sported on the Infinix Zero. The Infinix Zero 2 is covered with a stripped diagonally designed pattern made of Kevlar – Kevlar is able to stop a bullet due to its molecular structure. It is a light fabric, which has a high tensile strength.


The Infinix Zero 2 is expected to sport a 13MP rear camera and the front camera may receive a bump in specs (maybe 5MP front camera for selfies and video calls). The device would pack standard connectivity options; supports Dual SIM functionality and run on Android 5.0 OS (I guess). The new device screen size, resolution and other specs are not available for now.

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The Infinix Zero 2 could be another trending smartphone in Nigeria or Africa as a whole this year. The device is expected to be launched soon. There is no official word on the pricing of the device for now.

Are you also looking forward to the Infinix Zero 2? What is it that is absent in the old Zero that you want to have in the coming Infinix Zero 2? Will you be buying the smartphone when it drops?

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