Infinix NOTE 2 (#InfinixBIG6): All You Need To Know

Nigerian’s are going to know more about Infinix Mobility next device on November 27TH during Black Friday, biggest sales event of the year.

Infinix NOTE 2
Infinix NOTE 2 box

Hopefully full specs and pictures of the device had been leaked on Infinix BBS forum, Nairaland and Nigerian tech blogosphere. The new Infinix device believed to be called, NOTE 2 with a slightly thicker body and a new design line.

With this device, Infinix Mobility the No.1 online smartphone brand in Africa is opening its 3rd series, the NOTE series. Remember that the previous Infinix HOT NOTE was under the HOT series.

Infinix NOTE 2
NOTE 2 white and black color
Infinix NOTE 2 battery
NOTE 2 battery

It’s not the first time information’s are going viral. According to a Nairaland user, future users are going to get:

  • An impressive front design
  • An optimized front and back camera
  • A bigger screen size
  • A strong and reliable battery
  • New user interface and new applications

Let’s confirm with pictures showing a fully assembled Infinix NOTE 2 and software insights.



In addition, the company starts an online campaign allowing users to win BIG gift with a funny and well-designed micro site. NOTE 2, recharge cards and power banks are among the prizes.

u roifrjind

Try to be the lucky winner by clicking the link: HERE

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  1. Godson says

    Pls the keys are better outside the screan below the screan bazel of the infinix big6 try to change that before 27th

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