Infinix PC Suite Download For Windows And Manage Phone Stuff Easily

Infinix PC Suite Download

Infinix PC Suite Download for Windows to make a strong connection between your Infinix phone and computer to manage, transfer files with ease. Usually, to connect any Infinix phone to the computer we use Data Cable or USB Cable. And after connecting to the computer we can manage the files of the phone, install or change Stock ROM, Root Device, and similar tasks. But using the USB cable for connecting the Infinix device to a computer is not super safe. However, sometimes USB stops working or pull out accidentally by our moves. And all the ongoing process gets interrupted.

I don’t know about you, but that’s happened to me a lot many times. Also, sometimes transferring big files using the USB cable from the computer to Infinix phone doesn’t work and we see messages like Device is not connected anymore, Device Storage inaccessible, etc. We see these types of errors because USB Cable is not that capable of transferring big files and making a strong connection between devices. But the solution is also available.

The good news is Infinix phone’s company has released Suite that can help users manage their phones from the computer through connecting their device. And in this article, we will give you the download link of Infinix PC Suite. And we will guide you on the installation and also help you to connect your Infinix phone to the computer with the help of the Suite. So, let’s get started.

What is the Infinix PC Suite?

It is a software that built for connecting Infinix Phone to the computer in an efficient way. And once the connection established, you can manage your phone tasks in an easy and fast way. Whether you want to back up important files, Change Stock ROM, Transfer files, you can do all these works using the Infinix PC suite. To utilize the full functionality of this PC suite, you need to activate it by spending a little money. But that’s not necessary, and you can use the trial version to perform the basic tasks such as Backup files, Backup contacts, restore deleted contacts, etc. The trial version will be accessible for 7 or 14 days, and after that period you must activate the PC suite to continue using it.

This Infinix PC suite is built in the partnership with MOBILedit. And this is a universal PC Suite which means it also supports other phones. But you can do most of the things with this PC Suite. Later in this article, we will show you the features of this PC Suits.

So, now you know what actually PC suite does and want you can do with it. Now, let me provide you the download link of this PC suite.

Download Infinix PC Suite for Windows

Infinix PC Suite Download

You are going to download the updated version Infinix PC Suite for Windows. In the latest version, there are few new features has implemented, and performance has improved. Also, the bugs that were reported are now shorted out in the updated version. For the information, we are going to provide you the full offline installer file meaning you don’t have to install the PC suite from the server after downloading and installing the file from our link. You only need to download and install the file from our link, and you can start using the Infinix PC suite right away.

Before we give you the download link, let me provide you the full file information of Infinix PC Suite Windows version. And I recommend you to read it carefully.

File Information:

  • Name: Infinix PC suite
  • File Size: 35Mb
  • Version: 8.6.0
  • Type: Phone Software
  • Publisher: MOBILedit
  • Platform: Windows

In my articles, I always suggest reading the File information before actually downloading any file because it ultimately helps users download files correctly. These days promotion of Startup and Tech Apps has drastically increased, and companies are paying the loads amount of Money to browsers for promotion. And to give them a good result, Browsers are scamming their users by distributing the promotion app or software instead of the requested file. This is happening at pace in Mobile browsers. So, before you accept the request when your browser notifies, just verify it first by matching the file and size from the site you download. And then accept and start downloading. Below is the original download button, just tap on it, and you will land on the Mediafire Download page.

Download Infinix PC Suite

Download Universal Driver

How to Download & Install Infinix PC Suite on Windows?

To make sure we help you in Everything related to Infinix PC Suite, we are going to show you the steps to Download & Install Infinix PC Suite on Windows. And so, if you are confused about downloading and installing Infinix PC suite then I recommend following the steps from below:

  1. First, click here or the above download button to visit the Mediafire download page.
  2. Wait for the Web page to completely get loaded on your browser.
  3. Then click on the Green download button and wait for 4 seconds to receive the Infinix PC Suite.
  4. Verify and accept the file to start downloading it. Once downloading finish, close the browser.
  5. Now, go to the download folder and double click on the setup file and Press YES to allow the installation.
  6. Now, follow the installation steps using the below images.Infinix PC Suite Infinix PC Suite Infinix PC Suite Infinix PC Suite Infinix PC Suite Installing Installation Finish
  7. After you click on the finish button, the installer will get closed, and the Infinix PC Suite Automatically launch.
  8. It will ask you to activate or start the trial. I recommend first to select the Trial version and then if you like it, then you can go for the full version.
  9. Now, select which type of phone you have like iPhone, Android, Other. MOBILedit has also partnered with other phone’s company as well, so you need to select Android for Infinix device.Connect the Phone
  10. Now, you can connect your Infinix Phone and start managing all the necessary things from the PC Suite.

So, that’s how you can Download & Install Infinix PC Suite on Windows. To connect your phone with the PC suite, there are three options USB Cable, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The best way and safest way to connect the phone is WiFi. Now, let me show you some features of this PC suite to help you in exploring it.

Infinix PC Suite Features

This PC Suite has some excellent features which are worth sharing. Here are some great features of Infinix PC Suite:

1. File Manager

It is an Inbuilt file manager of the PC suite that helps users explore phones files in a very easy and convenient way. This File Manager is well capable of transferring files at speed, and it supports almost all the file types such as APK, MKV, MP3, etc.

2. Backups

Another cool feature that can Backup Contacts, Media Files, and other data. If you have very important files stored on your Infinix device, then I highly suggest to backup it right now with the help of this backups feature. This way, you can restore the important data if you loosed from your phone or anything happens bad.

3. Recover Contacts From Lost Infinix phone

Have you lost your Infinix phone in which you have saved important contacts and want them back? I can understand the pain of losing a phone because I had faced that. This contact feature of Infinix PC Suite can little bit lower your pain by recovering the contacts from your lost Infinix Phone.

4. Connect Phone Easily

In most of the PC Suite, we get one option to connect the phone its through USB cable. But this Infinix PC suite allows to connect the device with three different options; WiFi, USB Cable, and Bluetooth. Bluetooth and USB cable is well known many PC suites has this feature, but WiFi connectivity option is rare. The best way to connect your Infinix phone with the PC suite is through WiFi. Because it is wireless and you can Move, Copy, Delete media files with speed.

So, these are the most useful features I found on the PC suite. There are more features are available on this PC suite that you can use. Now, let me show you how you can connect your device. To successfully connect the phone, make sure you have installed the driver.

How to Connect Your Infinix phone with the PC Suite?

Connect Infinix Phone with PC Suite

As you know that you can use three ways to connect way, for now, I’m using the USB cable option to just show you the tutorial. You can use WiFi and Bluetooth option as well for connecting your Infinix Phone. So, here are the steps to connect Infinix Phone with PC Suite:

  1. First, launch the PC suite on your Windows that you have just installed.
  2. When it launched, the connection wizard will get opened.
  3. So, select the Android option and then Data File option. You can choose other options as well, like Internal Storage, SIM Card reader. After getting connecting, you can switch also.
  4. Now, Plug the USB Cable on your phone and then to Computer USB Port. After connecting the cable, wait for the PC suite to recognize.
  5. Once the phone recognized by the PC Suite, you can start managing your Phone’s stuff.
  6. Done.

That’s how you can connect your Phone with the PC Suite and start managing the Files and all the other things.

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Infinix PC Suite is filled with enough features to make the management of the phone easier. As of know, we have provided you enough information to get started with it.

Share this article with your friends who have the Infinix Phone and let them know about the Infinix PC Suite.

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