Infinix Phone Update App

No one likes being left behind in any situation, and as if it could never get worse, using a smartphone with an outdated operating system hurts the more. When news came of Infinix Mobility’s proposed plan to update some of its devices to run the Android 7.0 Nougat OS, many whose smartphones would benefit from the update were left cheering, but what about the rest? Maybe have gotten over the snub.

Barely a month after Infinix smartphones started receiving updates to the Android 7.0 Nougat, there have been complaints of failed downloads or restarting updates from some corners, and Infinix Mobility in their ever-caring manner have released an app called Infinix Phone Update App to help curtail the situation.

Infinix Phone Update App

The app which bears a similar interface to that of the System Update page on your phone settings has some features like:

  • No restarting or failed updates: Unlike when you had to restart update in the event of an error, the app simply pauses the update till the error is taken care of and then the update continues from where it stopped. The app is fully optimised to get rid of failed updates so there would be little or no such thing as errors.
  • Embedded OTA server: The embedded OTA server connects to the Infinix OTA update IP address and helps to download the update packages in less time than on your mobile network.

Downloading Nougat updates with Infinix Phone Update App: How it works

  1. Click here to download the app.Infinix Phone Update App Install
  2. Install the app and open it.Infinix Phone Update App Installed
  3. Wait for the app to load the latest Update for your smartphone
  4. Hit Download to get it on your smartphone. Your device should be adequately charged or should be plugged before downloading the update.
  5. After Download, hit Update to apply the update.
  6. After the update is applied, wait for your device to restart. There you have it, it is running on the latest OS.

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Christopher Martin

Pls.stephen is.this instruction on upgarding to android 7.0 applicable to Infinix hot note. Because I to upgrade from 5.1 to 7.0


please send me system file for infinix note please


😠 fonts style removed….i just hate it infinix now

Daramola Adekunmi

I find it difficult to change the font style of my phone (infinix hot6). Please can you help me out?

Domino Mouch

Hy guys my phone is infinix hot 4,
I always try to download nougat to my device. It can show that the new version is available for download.. And if I download it, it can reach up-to 100%and then stops that there is an error…
What can I do please


And also 4g not working.Help me to solve the problem.Thanks in advance…….


I can’t install the application.


Saya punya hot 4 pro tapi gk bisa ke nougat gimAna


I have infinix 8076D Any time instal whatsapp.. d phone will be full that i will not be able to use normal
message again… or phone i will now have to wipe d phone..and i can’t not even delete it… but i really need whatsapp on the phone. what shud i do?

Dnyaneshwar wagh

My phone update Does not happen

William Lozada

i have infinix hot 4 pro V136, my phone is not able to update to 7, I installed this app but is not working.


How many mb could it take nd how long could d update processes last?


I am using hot 4 pro and it keeps saying my system is up to date even with the instructions on what to download to prevent it from happening


My hot 4 pro is not showing update

Hi there. Based on past user comments, I think this update is meant for the standard Infinix Hot 4 and not for any of its variants.

Hi Derrick, just switch it on after the update. That behaviour is normal except if your battery died while it was updating


Comment: my phone just switch off after system update


I have infinix hot 4 how can I update it to android 7.o nougat

Othniel Kouassi

i have a problem i use it in my hot 4 pro and he couldn’t find the upgrade for nougat. can you help me


Thanks so much.. I didn’t use t card.. I bought my hot 4 few days ago.. Now I’m on fleek.. ?.. You are the best

You’re welcome. Happy to have been of help to you :)


Hope it can be use for hot S

Yup. I used an Hot S when testing it.