Infinix Zero 2 x509 - Full Review, Features & Price

Snick Image of Infinix #TheNextHero (2)Infinix Mobility; the smartphone vendor that sells smartphones to Africa and Asia have been doing so well since 2014 and still doing really great most especially when it comes to design. Infinix won’t stop to amaze us all. They have really come to stay in Africa and Nigeria in particular. They had set a pace to stands against most mobile challenges with the exotic in-take from original Infinix Zero specs. The Infinix zero 2 could be the next mobile HERO, but before then let’s see why and how.

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The zero 2 rear is not covered with glass sported on the Infinix Zero but covered with highly resistant KEVLAR in diagonally designed patterns which makes a huge difference between the original Infinix zero and its successor (Infinix Zero 2) and now makes the device rough and tough when it comes to its back cover.

It measures a dimension of about 140mm x 70mmx 6.7mm and 6.27 x 3.0 x 0.38 in thickness and weigh 118g.

Display & Protection

The display screen size of the Infinix Zero 2 is same as its predecessor. It is packed with a 5.0 inches HD AMOLED screen and has a 720 x 1280 pixels display resolution with 293 ppi pixel density just like the Infinix Zero. The screen of the Zero 2 is protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which protect the screen from serious scratches and should help prevent even more cracked screens.

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The Zero 2 is coming in limited color variant of Black & Red.


The camera on the Zero 2 sports a greater Mega Pixels than that of the old Zero. The Infinix Zero 2 sports a 13MP rear camera with LED Flash, Video with Autofocus, Geo-tagging, and Panorama while the front camera received an upgrade in specs to 5MP for better selfies and video calls.

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Operating System

We think it is not too bad if the Zero 2 could run on the latest Android Lollipop OS. Nevertheless, the Zero 2 run the Android 4.4 KitKat OS. The KitKat OS is considered not too bad for this new device since it is upgradable to the Android Lollipop OS and also sports an upgraded RAM & ROM compared to its predecessor.


Zero 2 comes with an Octa-Core processors of 2.0GHZ which is regarded as a great upgrade from its previous 1.4GHz, MTK 6592 chipset, Mali 450-MP4 GPU.

Memory and RAM

The internal memory of the Zero 2 is 16/32GB with an expandable SD card slot that supports memory card up to 64GB/128GB with a 2GB RAM for it to keep things running smoothly as much as possible. Infinix realizes that 1GB is seriously a bad omen for its next product in the world where smartphones now possess 2GB - 4GB RAM.

Connectivity & Sensor

Zero 2 packs a standard connectivity options like: WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, FM Radio, USB, Bluetooth v4.0, USB OTG and GPS and also supports Dual SIM functionality. It is installed with Proximity, Gyro and Light Sensor.

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Battery is one of the important part of any smartphone. Smartphones with poor battery life does not suit a location like Africa, most especially in a region where power supply isn’t stable, it can be little frustrating. Latest smartphones are expected to possess a larger capacity of battery to make users enjoy more hour of usability. The Infinix Zero 2 comes with a 2300mAh Li-Ion battery pack which is a way larger than that of its predecessor.

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Other Features

Other features of this device include pre-installation of BBM, Gmail, Gtalk, Google, Youtube, Flash Share, Facebook, Palmchat, battery management app, Asphalt 6, document viewer and editor amongst other popular apps. It also features Messaging capabilities like SMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail with a HTML5 browser.

With all these improvement in place, definitely the next mobile hero in mobile world as far as midrange Smartphone is concern is in the world where the Infinix zero 2 stands.

Are you having problem watching the above video? See the pictures below:

Infiniz Zero 2

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Infinix Zero 2: accessories

Infinix Zero 2 - accesories

Infinix Zero 2 - unboxing

Infinix Zero 2 - customized launcher

Infinix Zero 2 - app drawer

Infinix Zero 2 - with Android 4.4.2

Infinix Zero 2 - top view

Infinix Zero 2 - right side

Infinix Zero 2 - bottom

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SEE ALSO:==> Infinix Zero 2 in the Kenyan Market with Big BANG!

  1. paul mugo says

    Comment…I too have been experiencing the powering off without notice…. you goes off air without knowing when it’s in the pocket! very annoying and inconvenient!!!!! is this a factory error?

  2. success says

    hello my infinix zero 2 hibernates on its own and leaves a blank screen but still on cos it could ring when a call comes in but doesnt show on screen , what do i do its not up to 3 months old

  3. potos says

    Comment…am disappointed with this phone. I’ll better save my money for a better phone, zero 3

  4. piray says

    pls samuel can yu luk up d price of Samsung galaxy A5 4 me

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      it is 63k

  5. blaze says

    How do I get a new infinix zero 2 battery???

  6. Bgc says

    I must say for such a hyped fon its quite a disappointment.. Only after you buy the fon you start noticing so many flaws interestingly not mentioned in most blogs some which are hallmarks of a fony phone.. Let’s start with obvious red flags first of all the phone has an indicator at tha top left that does not work which leaves you wondering what was it put for..
    Secondly the fon has mono speaker but they intentionally delude you as its dual speaker..smh how fake can you be..
    Third and very annoying is tha sim and sd slots where you have to struggle pulling with a pin and when you succeed your not sure where to pick ur sim or sd card coz they will be sent flying like a sling which is quite a big crying shame.

    Now to tha software the os goes to freeze mode and can’t unlock unless you start tapping at emergency call..smh

    I really hate the sound output on the media player very flat on the earphones I think it has a very poor soundcard even a phone I used 5 yrs ago has better sound quality truely a shame..
    These are not tha only problems plaguing tha phone av just mentioned a few buy tha fon if the iissues av mentioned aint a thing of concern to you.. Good luck

  7. esther peters says

    Pls truly with so much complains on infinix zero 2 am afraid of buying it if dats the way the phone is, I need advice on infinix phones which is better then that some one can buy because infinix zero 2 is expensive, I can’t afford buying phone with such amount and then it will be having such serious fault.

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      You can go for the Infinix Hot note Pro

  8. Chika says

    Hello dear, This self switching off & heatingup that am reading am comfuse, I realy need your Advice here pls, I need A very crystal clear{LCD} Screen Phone with Durable Battery, Among: Infinix-hot note x551, Innjoo-halo black & Blue gate-BG5, Which one do suggest i shuld go to?

  9. Mario says

    Hello, i want to buy the Zero 2 Infinix but i want to ask if it’s possible to replace the battery. Is the Hot Note battery better than Zero 2 battery? (2300 mAh for Zero 2 and 4000 mAh for the Hot Note X551). Thank you. And what about switch off problem and the fact the phpne occasionally shuts down on its own. I read also the power key does not seem to bring the phone back up from sleep mode. why??

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      The Zero 2 battery aint removable…yea, the Hot Note battery is okay

      1. gilo says

        Comment…my infinix zero 2 is a disappointment. yes has good specs but performance is wanting. it just goes off at will. the screen so sensitive that my ear puts a call on hold while talking. the phone heats up too. the camera takes pics at will too

  10. Samdamy says

    I’ve just came to check if there’s any clue on why the phone do off suddenly, but seems there’s not. I was only deceived by it lightness in weight. I regret buying the phone.

  11. Lynda says

    I’m using the phone but my battery runs down very fast… It also get hotter whenever I’m using it. What can I do about this.

  12. akins says

    i have an Infinix Zero 2 that occasionally shuts down on its own and this is very annoying. what could be the problem and is there any solution?

  13. peter jay says

    I took my time to read through the comment box and I learn a lot about the infinix zero 2 and I observe that the phone has both the negative and positive side,people are really complaininig about the phone in terms of how phone switchs off constantly without coming up which is very bad is not encouraging at all, also some other people say the phone cameral is good,I don’t think someone like me will be advice to purchase such product.

  14. Zavvy says

    Every time I plug/connect my infinix zero two USB to my laptop, I notice that I lose pictures stored on my phone after I disconnect. Y??

  15. Tanya says

    Hi.i would like to know abt its camera results as i m very fond of taking gud pictures.kindly lemme know rear n front cam resolution.i know its 13mp n 5 front but its depth .like honor 4c 4230×1080.

  16. Gabby says

    Hello Sam,
    I purchased my infinix zero 2 phone months ago and just yesterday night, it started displaying ‘Android System Recovery X5800-J5800-KK-20150605’ and it hasn’t been coming on

  17. Mikedims says

    I have been experiencing the same problem since I bought mine, so i felt it was a factory problem. You need to hold the power button for around 10-15 seconds till the phone restarts.

    And for those asking about the pix quality, the front camera is cooler than most top branded phones out their, compared it with my iPhone 5 and it was better than my iPhone 5 front camera. But the rare camera is average

  18. amara says

    Everyone is bothered about battery but am also bothered about the picture quality,How is the infinix zero 2 picture quality.

  19. Benjamin says

    Please advise, I bought Infinix Zero 2 some months ago, it usually goes on sleep mode. Calls, text even notifications comes in, but the screen will be off, I have to put it off forcefully. I even though of returning it but the vendor said I have to drop it and come back in the next 3 weeks which I could not. Even my immediate boss experienced the same thing.
    What can I do?

    1. Samuel Afolabi says

      is the phone rooted?

      1. gerishon says

        Hi. I have the same problem. Power key does not seem to bring the phone back up from sleep mode. Took the phone to the Carlcare guys only to go fetch it back with the same problem. I have to forcefully reboot the phone atleast 3 times a day since it will not come back up on pressing the side key. My phone is not rooted.

  20. ndbest says

    Does infinix zero 2 came with loudspeaker?

  21. Topson says

    Pls I have order for my infinix zero and am expecting it from now on buh problem about smart phone is batbattery life I hate using power bank can I get assurance that I can use it in 24 hours with out charging ?

  22. Mike says

    The thing is that pricing matters, and phones like Samsung excluding from the s6, have been making phones with nothing special about them, and sells them way higher than expected. The inbuilt specs in Samsung are as presented by this mid-companies, still yet offers 90% of what this Samsung or top brand companies offers. Xiomi is dominant in Asia, why, because they offer cheap phones with great specs and good materialistic built. We are deluded to thinking the big companies matter. Am a strong fan of Sony, but I think infinix are up in the game. Am using xperia s and infinix zero before opting to zero 2. Am just be realistic. stop being an addict to companies

  23. redpotter says

    i’d rather go for a well trusted smartphone product, than buying the so called infinix hero# don’t u think samsung galaxy s4/s5 is far more [email protected] all dix latest products fails us

  24. didi says

    Infinix zero 2 in my country have different specs. Mtk6753 mali T720 64 bit procs, 3 gb ram, 4g LTE n lollypop. Its the thing that happen with infinix hot note, other country get 1gb ram n my country get 2gb ram

    1. DonCyber says

      how comes? i think that is an error from the specs writer

      1. DonCyber says

        Which country are you from Didi?

        1. didi says

          Im from indonesia. If you dont believe me you can search in google or facebook group infinix indonesia

  25. vincent says

    i brought the infinix zero 2 x509… what i discovery is the screen display is not as sharp as the company calm is only good when it has the wallpaper the phone came with but once you change you find the display dull. i think the manufactures should look in to that. the battery does not last as calm also by the manufactures..

    1. ndbest says

      My brother if I may on that sharpness, what about Pictures?

  26. Excel says

    This is a great phone quite alright, but for the absence of a led notification light and the very very very annoying factory fault it comes with… It switches off suddenly on a daily basis. I’ve had to resolve this by holding down the power button for about 20 seconds, releasing it and then holding it down again for another 10 seconds. This is so annoying..

  27. lion king says

    Where can we get the pouch for the x509. Its not yet on jumia and konga.

    1. DonCyber says

      Try to check it in any nearby store.

  28. Ruth says

    I have ordered mine yet to receive it.i hope I will be happy with it.

    1. DonCyber says

      you wont regret buying the Zero 2 Ruth

  29. gwazy says

    kayode awobadejo, i have experienced the same issue with the fone. all efforts to put it on proved abortive. i had to plug the device on charging source even at that it still didn’t come up. it came up after subsequent attempts while the charger was still on. could this be a manufacturing flaw? thinking of returning it.

  30. Kayode Awobadejo says

    I have the Infinix zero 2. I was using it when it went off. all attempts to switch it on is negative. since you cant remove the battery and hot start it, what do you recommend I do? thanks

  31. Mike says

    For now, getting the casing is difficult, since it was released last month, but it’s available at and

  32. CHARLES says

    hoping to get one

  33. Frank says

    Where can one get a phone case for d x509 frm since its slightiy longer dan d x506…..

  34. Mike says

    It has no led, but the battery is okay, if not for too much gaming and 3g browsing, but a little bit of game and browsing is sure okay. The front camera is awesome. The only downside is No LED.

  35. jeri says

    Please how can one activate the led indicator. Great phone but mine isn’t working. Please do send reply to my email. Thanks

  36. Biam Sylvanus says

    Please tell me: does the zero 2 have themes and wallpapers for one to change, apart from the default ones? Please check to be sure.
    And how what is the least price for that of 32 Gigabyte ROM (black)?

    1. DonCyber says

      Price for Infinix Hot Note Pro 32 Gigabyte ROM (black) is N37,500… it only has the default theme, but you can customize them to suite yourself by downloading apps for it

      1. Biam Sylvanus says

        Sorry Don, it looks like you didn’t read my question well. I was asking about the infinix zero 2; not hot note pro.

  37. SAMMY says

    Can it last for a day with thoruogh browsing usage?

    1. DonCyber says

      I am not really sure if it can withstand browsing throughout the day

  38. SAMMY says

    Pls jst tel me abt d battery of zero 2. Can it really work for 2days without chargin or not? Pls be sincere.

    1. DonCyber says

      Well… let me be specific… i am the type that do spend more time on PC rather than phones… so with this, it can take me two days… battery discharge deals with usage…

  39. Jeff says

    The infinix Zero 2 is a nice phone. But the info that it can be upgraded to Lollipop is untrue.

    1. DonCyber says

      You think so… The much awaited lollipop update( Android 5.0) will be coming to Infinix phones in August this year.

  40. Aythomps says

    Pls, How much is Infinix zero 2 in the shop without online ? I want to know the price because i’m planning to buy it.

    1. DonCyber says

      buying in shops might attract ana additional sum of N2,000 – N3,000

  41. Kemmy says

    I checked the specifications of this infinix zero 2 before buying mine, I even asked online about the indicator light which I received a mail telling me that this phone has an indicator light. To my surprise, no indicator light.

    1. DonCyber says

      It does not come with the notification light

  42. joy says

    Plz hw much is infinix zero 2

    1. DonCyber says

      let me refer you to the price list on Infinix Zero 2 via HERE

  43. John says

    Please can you confirm the battery life of Zero 2

    1. DonCyber says

      The Zero 2 will last 2 days on standby mode with even 3G network on

  44. Shugar says

    I bought my infinix zero 2 day before ystrdy. I’ve not noticed any led notification light blinking. Pls Is it that I have to install it somehow or does it not have at all. Thank you

    1. DonCyber says

      it has been confirmed not to come with the led notification light

    2. Ola says

      Pls guy u dat have bought the phone how is d Battery life and does it get hot like d infinix zero while using it and d camera wt flash how shape it is. Thanks

  45. jeddy says

    really need the red colour of this fone…jumia nd konga are only offering the black..

  46. Ola says

    Please I want to know if this phone does not get hot like d infinix zero whenever you using it and how long can the battery last without charge

    1. DonCyber says

      Hotness is part of the things fixed… as for the battery durability, we are yet to confirm that… we will update it when confirmed

  47. phorlarkemy says

    I checked jumia now infinix zero 2 is not available yet. I really love the specifications of the phones but d only thing discouraging me is non removable battery, the battery life and d price…… Please is it true that the battery is very poor

    1. DonCyber says

      The Infinix Zero 2 battery aint that bad

  48. Bolaji says

    The infinix Zero 2 is too expensive u need to do something about it

  49. AK says

    This is Great… U are ryt about the review… i have gotten mine yesterday via Jumia at the price of 26k… Thanks!

    1. DonCyber says

      You are welcome AK

      1. Seni says

        Jumia does not have it yet AK, are you sure its the same phone we are talking about here.

  50. Tomi says

    How much is it..price range of?

    1. DonCyber says

      Hi Tomi…
      We are expecting a price from N25,000 – N28,000

      1. jawad says

        Hello bro i need Battery for Infinix Zero 2 X509

  51. Idibia James says

    Is the battery 2300mah or 3500mah?

    1. DonCyber says

      Hallo Idibia James, The battery is 2300mah

  52. Paul says

    Great one Bro…. But I have a little question.. Does the phone has led notification light?.. Please I need your reply as soon as possible

    1. DonCyber says

      Nope… no notification light

  53. ugwuanyi says

    Nice write up Don,though I must say Your review came too early even when the company themselves have not released any statement on what and what the phone features. If this is to be the correct specs of the zero 2 then I guess this is the end of tecno in Nigeria.

    1. DonCyber says

      Thanks Ugwuanyi…
      It is true the company have been hiding some features of this device…. but we have gathered these from a reliable source

      1. DonCyber says

        I tell you… Infinix are really doing well this year and Tecno wont be able to stand against them

    2. Annon says

      That’s a dumb thing to say that “that’s the end of techno in Nigeria” Tecno are the makers of infinix! Get your info correct before making a fool of yourself online. And you don cyber or whatever you’re called, if you know so much, how come you didn’t correct him? Or is it because he was praising you? Dumb people!

      1. Samuel Afolabi says

        Hallo Annon..
        Thanks for reading through the article and some of the comments made by our readers, but should i say you are an educated illiterate? Dont get me wrong here… To quote what ugwuanyi said “I guess this is the end of tecno in Nigeria.” he said he guess and he is not even emphasizing… LOL….. dont make a fool of yourself here bro.

        Coming to the PRAISING thing. If you think i he is praising me, then i admit that. I will praise myself even if no body would.

        We are existing to deliver great information to people and not to be praised… NEXT TIME, THINK WITH YOUR HEAD BEFORE YOU COMMENT ONLINE bro!

        Thanks for reading through

  54. wumi says

    Will love it if the infinix zero 2 is a 2gig ram phone. I lost my 2gig ram zero, and i ve been waiting for next infinix with 2gig ram. Can you pls give us a time frame of when to expect the phone. And i hope it wont be scarce as zero now. we still in suspense ….

    1. DonCyber says

      Welcome to TechLector Wumi…
      The Infinix Mobility has finally come to stay in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Therefore, this device wont be scarce like the Zero or Infinix Hot Note. The Infinix Zero 2 is expected to be available in June, 2015. Stay tuned and book a sit with us via our Facebook page or Twiiter.

      1. Afrane says

        Man how be. i want to buy infinix x509 and what am wondering is the cell phone is expensive and can the battery be replaced and is it available as well.

    2. vikyn295 says

      Pls does d phone come with a screen protector (irrespective of the corning gorrilla glass), also where can one get a phone case for the X509 from since its slightly longer than the X506?

      1. DonCyber says

        Nope it does not come with Screen Protector… the pouch is available on Jumia and Konga

        1. lion king says

          I checked bro. They don’t have the pouch.

    3. jawad says

      i need Battery for Infinix Zero 2 X509

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