Instagram 1
Instagram 1

Instagram today launches a new way to connect users’ stories with each other. From now on, when a user is tagged in a story, he will be able to share the content in his story. History: if it seems complicated, it’s just a matter of words, because, in reality, it’s quite simple.

As soon as one of our contacts adds a mention to us on a video or a photo in his History, we receive a Direct message, thanks to which we can share this content in our History.

The photo or video is displayed as a sticker, scalable and can be positioned at will on the screen, and the name of the user who has published the original story from which the content originates is also kept.

The possibility of sharing Stories content only applies to public accounts and is already available in the latest version of Instagram for Android and iOS. If you want to download it for free, here are links to official stores.

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