Install Non Branded Stock Firmware on LG G7 ThinQ [Download KDZ and Guide]

Flash firmware Non-Branded on LG G7 ThinQ. Download and KDZ file guide

LG continues to churn out excellent devices and the latest ThinQ G7 is a concentrate of technology and a competitive price at the major online store, with price that is close to 600 euros but with TIM you can buy it for only 300 euros, the new top of the range of LG house is selling well and as those for sale branded have the app and logos of the phone operator here is how to flash the official Non Branded firmware.

Here, after making our debut on our market, LG G7 is available at major retailers and national phone operators. Here we give you the Non-Branded firmware available for all devices in Europe and that can be flash to also on Italian devices and that remove the branding of the phone operator.

The firmware based on Android 8 Oreo is for the LG G7 LMG710EM so those sold in Italy and in this article we will see how to install it with LGUP. It is important to underline that this firmware is the one for the international LG G7 with the code name LMG710EM, which are also sold in Italy.

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LGUP Guide to update LG G7 ThinQ to Non-Branded Firmware

ATTENTION: carry out everything at your own risk. The guide has been tested by us, but something can always go wrong. Take all the risks and responsibilities of the case.

The file is a file. KDZ to flash from using LGUP following the guidelines described below.

Necessary material

Guide to Flash ROM Stock on LG smartphone with LGUP

  1. Back up your data with LG Bridge
  2. Install LG and LGUP Drivers
  3. Connect the LG smartphone to the PC via the USB cable and wait for the drivers to be installed
  4. Disconnect the smartphone from the PC
  5. Switch it off and wait a few seconds
  6. Now press the Volume UP and reconnect the smartphone to the PC with the USB cable
  7. Automatically, the smartphone will start in Download Mode
  8. Run LGUP
  9. Under the BIN entry, enter the KDZ file by selecting it on your PC.
  10. In the window, select Refurbish
  11. Once you have completed everything, click on START
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If you have problems comment on the article, we will help you.

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