Edge based on Chrome
Edge based on Chrome

We were on July 29, 2015, when the Edge browser was released along with Windows 10. Now, more than three years have passed, we can see that this browser could not really conquer the market. Now there may be an answer and a new attempt to succeed. It’s that the first official version of Edge Browser with the Chrome engine is already available to those who have Windows 10. It will soon reach the Mac and other versions of the Microsoft operating system.

The new Chrome-based Edge can really be a success

Microsoft said in December it plans to tour the Edge browser based on the open-source Chromium project. The Redmond giant said the idea was to create better Internet compatibility with customers and less fragmentation for programmers. However, a trial version of the browser came online last month. Some people have tried but so far there are few reports.

In fact, Edge was losing strength and something had to be done. According to NetMarketShare Edge’s usage rate on computers is at 4.4%. Chrome compared to 65.5%. However, Microsoft’s older browser, Internet Explorer still has a usage rate of 9.83%.

If they can not wait and want to try out the new Edge version right now, they can.

But be aware, these are Canary and Developer builds. Just to make it clear, the Canary versions are updated almost every night to keep users abreast of what Microsoft is working on. The other versions, the Developer, are tested by the Edge team. They are updated weekly and are more stable than the Canary versions.

However, anyone who has a Mac and other versions of the Windows operating system will still have to wait. However, it should not be too long before they become available.

However, as soon as you install the new version of Edge there are some tips you should know to get the most out of this new browser.

You can enable the installation of extensions present in the Chrome Web Store on Microsoft Edge. For this, where they write the address of the page they want to visit just have to write edge: // extensions / and put a visa in the option allow extensions of other stores.

However, you can change the boot settings on the edge. For this you only have to write edge: // settings / onStartup to load the tabs from the previous session or a particular page.

However, it is also possible to change the download folder s. For this you only have to write edge: // settings / downloads and set the recording folder.

Already if you do not want Edge to take up features running in the background, write edge: // settings / system and take a look at that option.

There are a few more features you can use. Shift-Esc opens the task manager like in Chrome but everything is not yet fully finished.

The download can be done here.

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