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Intel True Key is a technology developed by the semiconductor giant to improve the security of its users. Its objective is to protect the accounts of the users from the attacks of the hackers, which are becoming more common.

In this article, we review the characteristics of this important technology and why you should use it in your Intel processor.

Everything you need to know about Intel True Key technology

The hackers are experts when it comes to obtaining user passwords because they have a multitude of strategies to deceive us and we provide them with our most confidential information. Intel True Key proposes an alternative to conventional authentication methods on the Internet, it is a service aimed at users who distrust the security of passwords, or who simply do not want to use them for convenience.

This technology must be implemented on the website so that it works, in other words, it is not yet possible to use it on every page you visit every day. Once the user tries to access a certain website compatible with True Key, it must pass a verification that will be generated from a mobile device from 3 different types:

  • Facial recognition: The mobile application itself can take an image of our face to verify our identity.
  • Accept the login from the mobile at the moment we start the session.
  • Use True Key to fill in the credentials and login.

How does Intel True Key work?

Intel True Key is gathering information about the user’s credentials as they are introduced to the websites they visit. All these data are stored safely to protect them from the most curious looks. All information is encrypted through the use of an AES-256 algorithm, the strongest encryption available today. 

Intel True Key is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS, not forgetting Google’s Chrome browser. This makes this technology a great candidate to replace passwords someday.

Intel True Key seems a very promising technologybut over the last few years great advances have been made to protect the safety of users, from fingerprint scanners to facial unlocking or even Iris scanner

, all of them do not stop evolving to be increasingly safe. The great popularity of smartphones is making these technologies increasingly relevant in our society.

Conclusion about Intel True Key

Intel True Key goes one step further in the security with respect to all these technologies that have been born from the hand of smartphones, only time will tell if Intel finally manages to impose itself, or ends up passing with more pain than glory. What do you think of Intel True Key technology?

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