Introducing the "My Startup Story" series... READ THIS

The present tech startup industry has always been known to harbour a whole lot of stories. Success stories, and failures too, but the good thing about all of it is that there is always a lesson to take out of it and live by.

In a honest bid to promote real life experience for as many tech startup founders as possible, and also groom them with many take home lessons as we can, the management of Techlector has decided to launch a new series, and this one would be called "My Startup Story


The series would open the floor for all tech startup founders to share their stories, whether successful or not, in order to enable others live by your tenets or learn from your mistakes. Basically, we want to make the platform as engaging as possible. Together, we can achieve so many things.

'My Startup story' series would be published weekly - every Wednesday.

Are you a tech startup founder, who have encountered either success or failure, and you want your story to be published on this series? Do send us an email at [email protected] and we would help you inspire and teach others on the way to go with theirs.

Be a part of this.. We'd be waiting.

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