ios11beta 600x358
ios11beta 600x358

Following the unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and all new iPhone X, here comes the most ambitious iOS update jammed full of new exciting features and many great secret features as well. We were able to see iOS 11 for the first time. Apple introduced a new operating system update for iOS devices during the presentation of software news from the company’s portfolio. Almost nine public beta versions, some bugs, changes, restarts, and system failures preceded the release of the final version of iOS 11 for the general public. Do not forget to read on!

iOS 11 Final

The new iOS 11 according to Forbes has 25 Great Features, which made it the most productive iOS of all time. New controls, new apps, better dock, new control centre, multitasking, Drag and Drop, or better Apple Pencil features on iPad Pro are waiting for you on iOS 11.

What’s New?

iOS 11 on the iPad and the iPhone does not differ much, except for a few differences that allow a larger iPad display. I will mention, for example, filters and editing Live Photos, new camera filters, reporting center, changes in organizing settings, system animations, SOS help, effects and stickers iMessages, better creation Memories and screenshots, AR support, new App Store, better Maps, notes or prevention feature displaying alerts while driving. During the beta versions, the changes to the Settings, Safari, or Map icons were also remembered. Honestly, whether the background on the gears is darker or lighter does not bother me at all, just to get the settings started immediately is important.

If I had to list all the changes that iOS 11 brings, it would probably be boring, as it is best to try and discover iOS on your iPhone and iPad.

Not for all

However, iOS 11 is not available for all devices, as 32-bit devices do not support this update and others will not.

iOS 11 is therefore available to those using any of the devices below listed:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • 9 inch iPad Pro 2nd Gen.
  • 9 inch iPad For 1st Gen.
  • 5 inch iPad Pro
  • 7 inch iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 5. gen
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPod touch 6th gen.

How to prepare and what if I bet?

Getting ready for the iOS 11 is the classic way to update your iPhone safely. First of all, do not wait for the blow of the 19th hour and do not start moving right away. It’s quite likely that downloading will fail due to the massive load of millions of iPhones and iPads users.

How to download?

Eager users can download the new iOS 11 directly to the device. Just go to Settings -> General -> Software Updates. However, we do not recommend downloading a new version immediately. Due to server overloads, there might be a system download error and a subsequent error when installing this OS. Although Apple has tried to create this year, everything is possible. This year’s sharp version of iOS 11 was preceded by a record almost nine beta versions. It is also possible that most people will install the new system, but a certain group of devices could be blocked for some reason and due to the data. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for a few days before all the “flies” are caught, and it will be certain that the new system will work on your device as well. However, before each installation of a new update, do not forget to back up your device for safety using either iCloud or iTunes backup to be on a safer side. If something goes wrong with the update process and the iPhone needs to be restored to the previous version, iOS 11 will not decide and will not be restored to iOS 10.3. However, this is rare.

You will find the update in Settings, General and Software Updates. After downloading and 15 minutes from verification and installation, the Apple logo switches to the iOS 11 welcome screen, where you follow the on-screen instructions to activate the iPhone. Later, remember to go through your privacy, location, or App Story settings. Unexpected 32-bit apps from App Story can have a problem.

If you have been involved in the Apple Beta Software Program for years and want to have the iOS 11 Golden Master (GM), you’ll have to get rid of the beta profile. Be careful, deleting the profile through the settings does not help. To completely remove the beta profile and return to the classic mode, you’ll need to bring iPhone through iTunes to Recovery Mode, repair or restore the iPhone, go back to iOS 10.3, and then upgrade to iOS 11 GM. But be careful if iPhone backs up on iPhone with iOS 11, when backing up the iPhone from recovery mode to iOS 10.3, this backup will NOT be compatible, and you will not be able to recover it. Only those who have backed up on iOS 10 will be available.

On the other hand, it can also happen that when recovering via recovery mode, iOS 11 will be available to restore your iPhone from a backup from iOS 11 beta.

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