ios 12 beta 2 changes features
ios 12 beta 2 changes features

Apple has released the latest update of iOS 12.0.1 software that brings with it some bug fixes, mainly for the new flagship models of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

With the update, Apple has solved the annoying “charge-gate”, the problem related to the fact that some iPhone XS devices did not load immediately if connected to a Lightning cable. In short, users affected by this bug had to manually activate the screen to make the phone recharge. Lìupdate also fixes some other Wi-Fi and keyboard problems. The file size is approximately 86 MB (depending on the phone), and you can install the iOS 12.0.1 update by going to Settings> General> Software Update.

In detail, the iOS 12.0.1 changelog on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models describes a correction for the problem of charging the Lightning cable on the latest iPhone models and the resolution of a problem that could cause the reconnection of a Wi-Fi device. Fi to 2.4GHz (single-band) iPhone XS devices instead of 5GHz (dual-band).

There is no mention of a fix for LTE connectivity problems, also reported by users along with Wi-Fi issues. The update also restores the original position of the “.” Button. 123 “on the iPad’s keyboard, corrects a problem that saw the” disappearance “of subtitles in some video app and resolves a malfunction with Bluetooth.

This is the first stable update since the arrival of iOs 12. The public beta update of iOS 12.1 was released a couple of weeks ago and has brought with it the highly anticipated feature FaceTime group with support for up to 32 users in one call, support for clickable thumbnails on MFi gamepads and more. The stable version of iOS 12.1 may soon bring these features to a wider audience.

In addition, a report released last week said iOS 12 is now running on multiple Apple devices compared to iOS 11. The latest version of iOS has been installed on over 47% of iOS devices active worldwide, while iOS 11 is present on over 45% of devices.

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