iOS 13.1 Update Will Slow Down The Performance Of iPhone XS & iPhone XR

iOS 13.1 Update Will Lower Down The Performance Of iPhone XS & iPhone XR

In 2017, Apple released an iOS update for the iPhones. The update included a secret feature which does the job of throttling the processing power of the iPhone’s processor. Apple was criticized for this. Later, the company accepted that they had added the feature to prevent sudden or unexpected shutdowns of iPhones because of their aging batteries.

Now, this feature is ready to arrive for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR through the iOS 13.1 update. These two iPhones were launched last year. Apple has mentioned this feature on the support page.

More About This Feature

This feature basically limits the performance of the device to prevent abrupt shutdowns, thus the performance of the iPhones lowers down. This feature activates only when it finds some battery related issues occurring in the device.

It is to be noted that this feature makes your iPhones slower when the battery ages with time. You will experience a slower mobile performance. The only way to get rid of this situation is to replace the battery of your iPhone with a new one.

When this feature came to the limelight, Apple started giving out reasons why they added this feature. And in addition to this, the company offered some discounts on battery replacements of certain iPhone models.

Are We Going To Find This Type of Feature in iPhone 11 & its Series Too?

Apple has not said anything about this. We are still unclear whether the performance throttling feature will be provided to iPhone 11, its series and other models released this year. But, 9to5Mac spotted something on the support page which is quite similar to the performance throttling feature.

According to the support page, the newer iPhone models will come with an advanced battery and power management feature. The company has also mentioned that this feature will be “always-on” and “automatic”. All this clearly suggest that the feature similar to the processor throttling is present in iPhone 11, 11Pro, and Pro Max.

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