iOS 13 Magic Mouse on iPad
iOS 13 Magic Mouse on iPad

iOS 13 is slowly around the corner and we’ll see it in about three months. The new concept demonstrates what everything could bring.

Designer Léo Vallet has shared a really good idea, which not only looks good but also works practically (and we would not be so surprised if iOS offered the same features one day).

Vallet offers a few small enhancements for the iPhone, but the big features are rather on the iPad (which should be the main target of news in iOS 13). He redesigned the Control Center, which merged with the multitasking screen, added dark mode and adjusted the annoying volume indicator (finally!).

It also mentions more exotic functionality, such as automatic detection of theft – the iPhone would detect suspicious behavior itself and block it in the so- lost mode. An ingenious idea, but how do you like to put it into practice?

Greatest attention, however, Léo drew on the iPad. It represents a guest account, such as other family members, activated by Face ID and extended support for external displays (already officially confirmed for iOS 13). 

And last but not least, accessories such as the Magic Mouse and the Magic Keyboard are obviously inspired by the intuitive AirPod connection. The new accessory could have a W3 wireless chip and would automatically pair when it comes to the iPad.

Even though mouse support for the iPad will not be so easy to see, a combination of the Magic Mouse, keyboard, external 4K screen, and applications such as Xcode and Final Cut Pro would make the iPad a productive tool that many professional users deserve. We know the power of the iPad to be handed out, the question has always been software support.

What do you think? Do you like where this concept is going? Should the iPad rather stay where it is or try to zoom in on MacOS?

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