Ipad Mini 4 Sales go Viral In South Africa This Weekend


This two iPhones: 6S and 6 in of all its types is produced from the manufacturer, is now selling like hot cake in many different countries and is now in market selling very fast everywhere. The iPhone 6S and 6 was released to the South African market under different carriers since yesterday, they are now on sale. Malaysia and India are the country that join to begin a new markets. The Apple Watch is expected to start their own market in South Africa, Apple is bringing into market the newly released iPad Mini – Min 4 for those who like a good Apple phones.

As expected with Apple and its products, the iPad Mini 4 comes in various types with different price tag each. For South Africa, R7000 would be the cost for an iPad Mini 4 from the entry level, considering the 16GB and Wi-Fi only model while you would pay the amount in the area or R12,700 for the 128GB model of the device.

The new iPad Mini 4 will offer you features the Apple iPad Air has, but only in small quantity.

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