iPad Mini 5 Case Offer Early Look at Apple’s Next-Gen Compact Tablet

The iPad Mini 5 Case alluded here is the leaked version recently seen online. The important thing about the leaked case is that it offers Apple’s next big product. We remember that Apple iPad Mini 4 which is three years old at this time. Apple must be happy to have a new kid on the horizon.

For over three years since it was launched in 2015, the iPad Mini 4 has not been receiving hardware updates. Meanwhile, other Apple products have been receiving several updates over the years. Also, iPhone SE lineup pretty much dead, many people are thinking that the same fate will befall Apple’s Mini 4.

iPad Mini is having positive sides to it now and it looks like things can only get better. But with the latest leak of the iPad Mini case, people are beginning to know how things will shape up, especially regarding the up-coming iPad Mini, which somehow some think that it may launch in the early part of 2019.

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There are photos being shared online at this moment. These pictures show a lot of people that there is indeed a protective case for the iPad Mini 5. This is also raising hopes for another compact Apple slate. When examined closely, this device will largely retain the design common to iPad Mini 4. Maybe the headphone jack will also be there, we cannot tell. Additionally, there could also be a stereo speaker and an improved rear camera.

Apart from the possibility of having a headphone jack, which the leaks seems to suggest, there also seem to be a possibility for a smart connector, though it may be tied to design of the case itself.

So, all the fingers are pointing to an iPad Mini 5 prototype which dates back to the year 2016. This may be something like a two year-year-old design that can be improved upon.

Finally, it is evident that this protective case is made based on this 2016 prototype. With all we are seeing, this Mini 5 looks real though there could be small changes here and there. Since rumors of a new iPad Mini has been flying around for some time now, it looks that the time for it is up.


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