iPad Pro 2018 compatible with Logitech Crayon thanks to iOS 12.2

IPad Pro 2018 owners will soon also be able to use the Logitech Crayon pen thanks to iOS 12.2. Great news for those who want to save something compared to the Apple Pencil.

With the beta 6 of iOS 12.2 it is already possible to use the Logitech Crayon on the iPad Pro 2018, an accessory not previously usable on this model of Apple tablet. Users will therefore only have to wait for the official release of iOS 12.2 expected next week before being able to use this pen, available at a lower price than the Apple Pencil.

Recall that the Logitech Crayon is already compatible with the new iPad 10.5 ″ and iPad mini 5.

Logitech Crayon has a minimal and resistant design, designed to make the pen use even the smallest.

Logitech Crayon connects instantly to the iPad, as you just need to press the ON button to activate it and ensure up to 7 hours of non-stop use. In addition, the tip of the digital pen automatically adjusts the line stroke, allowing you to easily switch between thick lines and thin lines, just like a normal pen.

Logitech Crayon will be available for a suggested retail price of $31.99.

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