Apple iPad Pro 2018
Apple iPad Pro 2018

How powerful is iPad Pro 2018? Here are the first results from the benchmarks made on the A12X processor. The iPad Pro 2018’s A12X is the most powerful on the mobile platform.

The power of the iPad Pro 2018 is incredible

Now it’s almost official: iPad Pro 2018 is really powerful, much more powerful than many Windows PC and Mac on the market.

When during the presentation of the iPad Pro 2018 it was said that this tablet had computing power equal to Xbox One, therefore, it was not joking at all.

iPad Pro 2018 arrives on GeekBench

To certify the incredible and stunning performance of the iPad Pro 2018 GeekBench thought that, data in hand, has confirmed that the new architecture A12X is more powerful than 92% of portable PCs on the market.

Of course, this is a phrase designed specifically to do marketing, but that is reflected in the record values for the category.

In recent hours, in fact, has arrived on GeekBench 6GB RAM model of the iPad Pro 2018, the one that also mounts 1 TB of internal memory.

Powerful like a MacBook Pro

Based on data, the iPad Pro 2018 totaled  5,030 points in single core and 17,995 in multi-core. Taken individually, these results do not say anything, but the speech changes if we consider that the MacBook Pro 2018 with the ex-core Intel Core i7 @ 2.6Ghz has obtained similar scores.

In practice, this test confirms that the new iPad Pro 2018 is almost as powerful as a MacBook Pro 2018.  Not bad, right?

In all this, let’s not forget that the price of the MacBook with the same power to that of the iPad Pro costs 

3399 €, while the tablet 1289 €.

Much better than the old iPad Pro models

Not to mention the comparison with the previous generation (that of 2017): the new iPad Pro offers significantly higher performance, with 1,122 points more in single core and even  8.685 points more in multi-core. Even here it is clear that it is a significant leap forward also allowed by the new GPU that offers impressive computing power and that manages to run games with graphics similar to that of PS4 and Xbox. 

Considering only the performance in single-core, at the time Apple sells only 1 Mac faster than the iPad Pro 2018 and is the MacBook Pro Core i9, whose starting price is € 3,739.

Is all that glitters gold?

In short, it is clear that the performance of the iPad Pro 2018 is truly incredible, something never seen before and almost unimaginable.

In all this, however, we must remember that such a powerful device at the moment does not need much,  in the sense that it is not necessary all this power to surf the Internet, manage office documents, watch a few videos, listen to music or play games ” basis “, which are the operations most often carried out by the purchasers of these products.

It’s clear that things will soon change: the complete version of Photoshop for iPad Pro 2018 is coming, which will allow you to process files with a weight of 3GB without any difficulty. Professionals, then, can use iMovie or other video editing programs to use iPad Pro 2018 as a real laptop, to carry with them, to work on the move without having to carry weighed and cumbersome devices.

Finally, we must not forget that the incredible performance made by the iPad Pro 2018 is also allowed by operating systems and architectures different from those Windows and Mac with which it was compared. 

It seems obvious to me, but comparing the data of iPad Pro in a complete way to those of 92% of laptops on the market, including MacBook Pro or not, becomes difficult without considering the profound difference between mobile and desktop architectures or, more in general, ARM processors from those X86.

Of course, for the same test GeekBench iPad Pro still has higher scores than a MacBook Pro of the last generation, but it is good to remember that these values cannot be put on the same line of judgment.

They are only considered to understand that the iPad Pro 2018 is able to offer the performance of the highest level, but 

we can not say that overall iPad Pro 2018 is more powerful than a MacBook Pro for over 3000 euros, it would be really stupid.

We can not deny, however, that effectively and ARM processors are coming to such powers as to make more and more concrete and likely the possibility of transition to this architecture even in the portable and perhaps even desktop in a few years.

A couple of personal considerations

If I do not need applications that run only on Mac, I would take it with my eyes closed. Unbeatable in terms of portability. For me, the revolution will really happen when you can also install iOS apps on Mac.

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