iPhone 11 would have the design you wouldn’t want

The schemes of iPhone 11, or iPhone XI as many people use to call it, shown by the well-known leaker Steve H. McFly via Twitter reveal what could be the design of the next generation of Apple smartphones, confirming the fear of many enthusiasts who complain of some loss of style from the company in recent years. Once famous precisely for the elegant lines of the design, a sign of distinction of their devices, mobile and not, from those of other manufacturers, Apple seems to have lost its magic touch over time, raising not a few criticisms, which could now be fed again by design of the next iPhone.

iPhone 11: the schema leak

It is not really anything new, but something quite unheard of compared to the style to which the Cupertino house had accustomed us. In particular, the leaks show the back of the iPhone, where the cameras are placed in a square space. A provision that closely resembles that used by Huawei on the Mate 20 series launched last year. The difference is that the alleged version of Apple iPhone 11 seems to organize the three cameras in a different way: unordered on a 2 × 2 grid, but in an alternating position to form a triangle within the square space.

To confirm this scheme, which may not be acceptable to many fans of the bitten apple, would be some leaks that show the patterns of a welding model for the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI if you prefer.

From the scheme it seems to understand that the reason why Apple could have chosen to use this unusual design, at least for the Cupertino company, could be that this type of arrangement saves a lot of space, allowing the company not to have to ” reorganize “too much iPhone interiors to insert the three cameras (much awaited by many iPhone fans). In addition, two large holes are evident in the diagram, probably intended to house a flash and another sensor, which would not fit perfectly on a 2 × 2 grid.

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