iPhone X Black Dot of death
iPhone X Black Dot of death

iPhone black dot of death problem is nothing to worry about. Although it can not be fixed per say, it can be managed to an extent. The iPhone black dot of death doesn’t mean the death of your phone. It only means a temporary freeze and maybe crash of your iMessage app on your iPhone.

Now, what can cause the black dot of death on your iPhone? Well, like the name says, a black dot. When someone sends you a black dot emoji through the iMessage app on your iPhone or iPad, and you try to read it your phone will freeze, Forcing you to close the app. This is because the CPU or maybe the iOS is unable to process the emoji thereby causing it to freeze or hang and subsequently crashing.

iPhone black dot of death

Something similar to this happened on WhatsApp on Android platform some time ago. People used it to ‘prank’ others by sending them the black dot emoji, and when they tried to open the message, their phone will freeze making you force close the app.

However, it has been fixed on the Android platform and according to reports online, so will the iPhone’s. Apple has acknowledged the problem and will release an update soon to fix the bug, but for now, we will be teaching how to manage this bug until the Calvary arrives.

iPhone black dot of death problem and How To Fix It

There are two ways to go about this, and the first one requires your phone to have 3D Touch. If your iPhone has 3D touch and your iMessage app freezes and maybe crashes then simply force close the iMessage app. Now using the 3D touch, Select new message, and when the new message opens, cancel it, and this will take you back to your list of conversations on the iMessage app.

Simply locate the message containing the black dot of death, Tap and hold the message and then delete it. Next time you get a message, and you can see the black dot from the preview, it will be best to just delete it, at least for now till the bug is fixed.

You can also turn the tables on the sender and forward the message back to the sender. Now that you know what the black dot of death can do to the iPhone. Talk about pranking the prankster.

Without 3D Touch

If your iPhone doesn’t have 3D touch then do not to worry, there is still a way to salvage the situation, but we will need to ask someone or something for help. After your iMessage freezes and crashes just ask Siri; Apple’s Virtual Assistant to send a message to the sender of black dot message. The goal is to send as many messages to the sender of the black dot, so when you finally open the conversation, the black dot message will be so far up that it won’t freeze or hang your phone. This will give you room to either reply the message or delete the message altogether.


The listed out steps above are the only way to get out this rather tricky and Somewhat annoying situation. So if you have a friend experiencing this, you can share this article with them. Hopefully, the update that fixes this bug comes sooner rather than later.

If you have any more questions or problems concerning the iPhone black dot of death, then don’t hesitate to drop a comment down Below.

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