10 iPhone earphones tricks you probably didn't know


The iPhone, iPad and iPod earphones have held the​ spot as one of the best out-of-the-box earphones in the market for a couple of years. The sleek design of the earphones makes them a must have. They are engineered to fit perfectly into the ears and stay glued until you want them out; they rarely fall out on their own, unless by accident.

The iPhone earphones - iPhone earphones tricks

Talk about the loudness and the crispness of the sounds produced by the iPhone earphones, it is likewise top-notch ?.

Now, going back to the design of the earphones, Apple imputed as much time and effort they put into making their devices into their accessories too. The iPhone earphones control panel has 3 buttons - the volume up (+) button, volume down (-) button and the centre button. These three(3) buttons perform a lot of functions that most users are not cognizant of, or just simply under-utilize them. Mill

We would be looking at the different functions these buttons can be used for and how they can be successfully utilized to the max.

10 iPhone earphones tricks

1. Play or Pause a song

10 iPhone earphones tricks

While your earphones are plugged into your iPhone, you can simply click on the centre button once to start playing a song. Do the same to pause/stop a playing song.

2. Skip to next song on the playlist

To achieve this with your iPhone earphones, click on the centre button twice; as fast as possible.

3. Play a previous song

Click on the​ centre button three times consecutively.

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4. Fast forward a song

With the iPhone earphones, you can fast forward a song without having to unlock your device. Simply press the center button twice and hold the center button on the second press till you reach your preferred point on the​ song.

5. Rewind a song

This can be achieved by clicking the center button thrice and holding it down on the third press.

6. Answer a call or Hang up

A click on the centre button when a phone call comes through will pick your call. Likewise, a single click on the centre button during a call also ends the call.

7. Decline an incoming call

Press the centre button and hold for at least two seconds to decline an incoming call. Upon doing this, you should hear a beep affirming that the call has been sent to voicemail.

8. Switching between calls

Whenever​ you​ receive a new call while you're on another, click the centre button once to pick the new call. When done, click and hold the centre button for at least two seconds to hang up and return to the old call.

9. Taking​ a picture​

To take a picture using the iPhone earphones, launch your camera app on your Apple device and press the volume up (+) button to take a picture.

10. Activate Siri

Users of the iPhone 4S can activate Siri by clicking and holding the centre button until Siri launches.

  1. Samuel Afolabi says

    Wow, amazing tricks! Some of these tricks work with the infinix XE01 smart ear headphones. I will be forced to try other unknown tricks on it if it will work. I pray it should. 🙂

    1. Ojo Stephen says

      True! The triple button click and click and hold commands don’t work though.

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