iPhone XR colors
iPhone XR colors

In these past weeks, it has been possible to see that the sales of the iPhone have descended worldwide. Especially there have been markets, such as China and India, where the sales of Apple’s phones have suffered. But in the case of the United States, sales have a very different rhythm. Because they have increased throughout 2018 in the country.

iPhone sales grow in the United States

Undoubtedly, good news for the company, which does not go through a good time in some ways. The legal problems with Qualcomm and the trade war with China affect its sales clearly.

The iPhone sells well in America

According to the new figures that have been revealed, at the end of 2018, there were 189 million iPhone in the United States in the market. It represents a notable increase compared to the figures of 2017. Since that year closed with a figure of 166 million Apple phones across the United States. In addition, it also means an increase compared to the third quarter of 2018, when there were 185 million units.

Therefore, despite everything and despite the poor sales of the latest generation of smartphones, sales have continued to grow in America. Those responsible for this increase in sales are the users whose first phone is an iPhone, as revealed in the figures.

The question is whether in this year they will be able to maintain these sales increases in the United States. Or if on the contrary, the trend that we see that Apple has worldwide, will also be repeated in the country.

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