0 5 meter 20 owc 40gb s thunderbolt 3 usb 3 1 usb c 100w cable aaa
0 5 meter 20 owc 40gb s thunderbolt 3 usb 3 1 usb c 100w cable aaa

Apple would not yet be ready to abandon the use of the Lightning connector in favor of a Type-C USB port in its next iPhone. There are three new Apple phones expected from Apple in September, but all of them are expected with a Lightning connector. From 2020, however, could there be a switch-off of Lightning connectivity on the iPhone? Maybe.

Apple introduced the Lightning connector to the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and later models, replacing the old dock connector which was not only slower in data transfer and recharging, but also could be broken more easily. One of the main advantages of the Lightning connector is that it is used from both sides, you do not have to worry about the orientation with which you go to insert the cable to the door on the bottom of the iPhone. But the same vation now also offers Type-C USB, present in more and more devices.

Apple could actually abandon its Lightning connector on the iPhone since in its place is already the USB-C on iPad Pro 12.9 ” and iPad Pro 11 ”.

However, adapters will continue to be available from USB-C to Lightning and vice-versa in order to be able to connect other devices to Apple devices, but the Cupertino company could simplify things by passing to the standard that will be increasingly widely adopted which is the USB-C.

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