In the month of September, iOS 12 update gave iPhone users screen time tools, security updates, and a whole new features to make their device feel like they are new again. They loved those updates and were happy to have them transform their mobile devices.

Furthermore, Apple has given iPhone users another chance to do more with iOS 12.1. Now, iPhone users can express themselves more. Even iPad owners too can join and find new and interesting ways to use their mobile devices.

Take for instance the Group FaceTime on which you could chat with up to 32 friends and family. With it you can also make your messaging interesting with 70 new emoji. These array include a freezing-cold smiley, a mooncake, and a long-awaited redhead.

You don’t have t spend a dime to get this update. The software update is 100 percent free and safe. According to Apple, the iOS 12.1 has arrived on the 30th of October. So, anyone that uses iPhone or iPad anywhere can certainly get this update. To install, users may need to wait up to 24 hours for the iOS 12.1 to manifest on their devices. The company also gave a few tips on how fans can get it. Find the tips below.

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First, make sure you back all your data up. If you need more of your information to be kept please do a comprehensive backup. You may need to use iTunes on your Mac or PC to back up information like Touch ID and Apple Pay settings. Just open iTunes, select device icon in top bar, or on the sidebar, depending on which version you use. Click ‘Back Up Now.’

Another thing you need to do is tidy up before you back up. This means that you delete apps and photos you don’t need.

Make sure your device is fully charged and plugged in before you begin. Make sure you connect your device to a fast wireless network to begin.

It is most likely that you will get a notification when your new iOS 12.1 becomes available for download. If you don’t see it just wait. You know timing differs from country to country. Soon you will see the prompt appear on your iPhone or iPad. If you miss it, don’t worry, just go to Settings > General > Software Update. There you will find the iOS 12.1 notification and you can start downloading it.


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