What can you do with a smartphone that costs at least $ 1,200Run Windows 95 and play Simcity 2000, obviously. A developer identified on YouTube as Hacking Jules has posted a video showing the iPhone X emulating the Microsoft operating system along with the 1993 Maxis game.

In addition to running Simcity 2000, the developer also did a gameplay of the famous Minesweeper running on the iPhone X with no problems. The iPhone X comes equipped with Aion Bionic processor and 3GB of RAM, more than enough hardware to withstand the 22-year-old OS.

Last year we saw a developer running the Microsoft OS on a smartwatch Apple Watch, so it’s clear that hardware is no longer the problem to relive the internet of the 90’s.

For those who do not have a lot of developmental knowledge, you can play with old Microsoft interfaces on the iPhone with applications that emulate DOS, but you need to have a minimum of programming knowledge to do so.

However, if you invest in an iPhone X, you may be more interested in features such as the powerful camera, 4K recording, augmented reality, and the OLED screen. The device is now available in some part of the world and yet to realease to some on December 8 and, as said at the beginning of the news, will have an extremely salty price, with values ​​starting at $999.


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