How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X
How to Show Battery Percentage on iPhone X

YouTube has just joined Netflix offering streaming HDR video on iPhone X, something that greatly improves the borderless experience when consuming multimedia content.

The feature is being released gradually to the top of the line and can be enabled in the same menu where the video resolution is selected.

Users interested in testing YouTube HDR can access the HDR Channel and see if the mode is already available on their devices.

The HDR for videos is not exactly the same as what we have for photos – in the case of movies, it expands the contrast and colors, delivering much richer images in detail.

Taking into consideration the beautiful OLED panel of the iPhone X, this arrives as a great addition to the owners of laptops.

For information, YouTube HDR was not mentioned in the app update notes, which just won version 13.17 on the mobile Apple platform.

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