iPhone X is not safe! a small child deceives Face ID and dabs

It’s been a couple of weeks ago that the new iPhone X has begun to sell all over the world. It’s supposed to be a revolutionary phone that delivers the most versatile unlocking features that can not be bypassed, and this technology is one of the safest to secure access to the phone. But now it does not seem to be the case at all.

An interesting video is on the internet showing how a young boy has unlocked his mother’s phone. However, the video is transparent, so it’s not a puddle, as it is seen to unlock two shots. The video is immediately up to date and Apple’s opinion is that a 10-year-old boy is one of a million people who can get in the phone.

Apple said that younger than 13-year-olds have much more chances to deceive Face ID because they still do not have any as much different shape properties than their parents as they develop. A few days ago, the Internet even saw a case where a Vietnamese security company created a 3D mask based on a 2D image and with this mask the company managed to unlock the iPhone.

Face recognition does not seem to be as safe as the manufacturers themselves are saying all the time. We can still be considered the safest method of biometric unlocking. That is, unlocking the devices through a fingerprint.

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