With the launch of the iPhone X, we have seen rumors that the borderless could bring a combined “L” shaped battery system, something that many thoughts were unlikely.

The new battery format was only possible because of internal changes to the motherboard, which made it possible for a device physically smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus to bring even more mAh into the battery than it (2675 mAh vs. 2716 mAh).

Apparently, in the successor to the iPhone X Apple should use a full L-shaped battery (no more two cells combined), which would eventually dispense with the need to use a ‘tab’, making the device lighter and increasing the overall capacity of the module to 3000 mAh (or more, in case of a possible Plus model).

iPhone X successor would bring single cell in ‘L’ format instead of two combined

The latest rumors from China corroborate a partnership between Apple and LG for the manufacture of such modules, which would be produced in a complex in Nanjing, dedicated exclusively to the process involving this type of hardware.

The source reports that Apple is currently reviewing and inspecting the facilities to release mass production of high-capacity ‘L’ batteries, which should be placed on the iPhone Xs and Xs Plus (or as the apple decide to call them).

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