Ever since ancient times, piracy has begun to undermine the big companies that instead try to make their contribution every year in the Pay TV area. To date, the most modern manifestation of this illegal phenomenon is IPTV, which users seem to have married in full.

In fact, there are so many people who have the service at home, which seems difficult to estimate. Everyone knows that this method saves money and not a little and this has led to certain reflections. In fact, many users, in order to continue paying only 10 euros a month to get everything, have chosen to break the rules. However, IPTV can bring several problems and even large ones. (For the best offers on the Android TV Box by check HERE).

IPTV: now users are afraid of fines, Le Iene announce measures by the competent bodies that reach thousands of euro

The IPTV service is the one that allows users to pay less and at the same time have more, but not everyone knows the consequences. In fact, as they showed Le Iene in their service, they risk very harsh fines.

It goes from 2000 euros to 25,000 euros. Moreover, those who sell the service also risk imprisonment. The advice is therefore always the same: choose a subscription that can somehow allow you not to have shackles for the head.

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