China phones crawled into Nigeria and made their names Infinix, Tecno, iTel among others. The general notion about these products was their known mastery of making substandard phones. Well, this has not changed but the known fact has however been polished with the use of public figures as models for advertising their products and payment settlements in boards clearly not known. The complaint of the majority are not being heard and the indirect extortion is depressing unlike other brands like Samsung and Apple; no wonder the increasing numbers of users of these known brands around the world

Infinix, and Tecno among others are a scam! They come with feeble screens and batteries. Despite the fact that these phones are expensive, a satisfying protection is not offered for the gadgets and above all, the warranty policy if closely considered covers nothing!
Considering the rate at which the touch pads of Infinix phones crack, it is rational to conclude that Infinix phone screens are unquestionably built to crack and left unprotected so that customers can buy spare parts for exorbitant prices.

Infinix Note4Pro as a practical example has many loopholes/cons which is a disgrace to its company considering the price it is sold for! It is a heavy phone, the phone overheats, has a very sensitive and rather implicating case, in technicality, the case can cause the screen damage and yet policy won’t cover for this damage.

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The warranty policy, however, is the trick that exposes the substandard attribute of the phones. It basically covers no damage, and the ones that are assumed it cover will still not be resolved after many complaints and questions.

Caught the attention of one of our readers, Bamidele Beatrice, who in an article we published on Where to Get Damaged Infinix Smartphones Fixed in Nigeria expressed with sadness that the phone she bought not long ago “slipped out of its case and the whole screen cracked within a flash!”… What happens to the phone warranty?

“I went to CarlCare center, the phone is barely 8 months and they are requesting I have to pay N17500 to get the screen fixed! What happened to the guarantee? How can a phone with that exorbitant price not have a standard durability? If infinix provided a case and the phone still won’t be safe in it how trusted and meaningful can thier product and guarantee be… I feel cheated!

Conclusively, this article serves as an eye-opener! Let these phones be upgraded with a standard visibility check in all ramification.

Guest Author: Bamidele Beatrice


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