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smartphones leak e1548772457195

Is spending more money on a smartphone worth it? I’ve been saying for a year that cheap mobile phones are getting really good, as is the case with the Xiaomi Mi 9t or RealMe X2 Pro. However, I have also said several times on TecHLecToR that sometimes it makes perfect sense to opt for a high-end smartphone from a generation or two past, instead of buying a newer mid-range phone.

So, this is basically a contradiction… Which raises a question!

Does it make sense to spend more money on a mobile phone to last longer?

Many consumers like to make credits, or simply spend above their means to get their hands on a new top of the range. But does this make sense in the medium/long term?

Yes, it is true that we are experiencing a stage of stagnation in the world of smartphones. (That’s why we hear so much about folding). But it is also true that if you happen to take a 2-year-old smartphone, and put it side by side with a newer one, you may see big differences in terms of design. (Example: Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S20).

S9 next to the new s20

The idea of ​​consumers is very simple, spend more now, to save in the future! But it is not always so black and white.

First of all, a new top of the range is always extremely expensive, see the case of the latest iPhones and Galaxy S20 Ultra from old rivals in the world of smartphones. In addition, before looking at the price, it is necessary to look at the need for each use, and of course… The quality of the devices on the table. Basically, more expensive is not always equal to being better.

In addition, I always advise seeing prices in all stores, since there are huge discrepancies in the price of the same device in different stores. (KuantoKusta is an excellent help in this field.)

Losing, breaking or getting top-notch is another world of problems!

So if you happen to have made an extra financial effort to get your hands on a high-end mobile phone. It is likely that you will be a little more exposed in the event of a tragedy.

Let’s imagine that he is assaulted, or that he simply drops his boy on the floor without a cover. The possibility of losing all of your investment is real. Even if it has fallen and there is an arrangement, remember that an OLED screen for a top of the range such as the Galaxy S10 or iPhone 11 Pro costs something like 300 ~ 400 €.

High-end smartphones lose their value faster! (You will lose a lot of money in the resale)

If you happen to love changing your phone every year, you are likely to sell your phone to earn some money for the next device.  However, the world of mobile phones is already very similar to the world of cars in this regard. That is, as soon as we leave the stand, we have already lost a few euros. 

Yes, it is true that some devices are an exception to the rule, such as iPhones, which can retain their value for much longer. However, it is increasingly evident that this is a trend that is also slowly reversing.


In short, buying a smartphone is always a complicated situation, where we have to play with various things.

Having said all that, I am not saying that it is a mistake to buy a high-end smartphone. Personally, as an enthusiast, I fully understand the desire to have the latest buzz in the market.

Very briefly, I just think that we need to take into account the money we have, and the money we can spend. This is because after a certain level, it no longer makes sense to pay the price increase that the brands ask for.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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