iSkysoft Toolbox: How to safely transfer data between iOS and Android

Operating systems such as iOS and Android, while being focused on the mobile sector, have little to do with each other. Apart from the different philosophies (more commercial for iOS and more free as regards Android), what weighs more for us common users is the incompatibility of many software and, more generally, the different mechanics that regulate these work environments.

Not for nothing, the transition between the two operating systems is often seen as a real trauma. While it’s true that getting carried away with such a diverse work environment, there are ways to feel more “at home” and make the impact harder. Being able to safely pass phone to phone data from one OS to another can be a way of not having to start all over again, fortunately, there are much software, including iSkysoft Toolbox, which helps us in this task.

Transfer data securely between iOS and Android: the easiest method with iSkysoft Toolbox

In reality, there are different methods and software to transfer data between iOS and Android. In this case, however, we will analyze what is offered by iSkysoft Toolbox, a specific and free software that allows you to pass everything you have on your device on another mobile device with a different operating system.

We are talking about an app that deals with the phone transfer of data, allowing even the most clumsy users, to be able to transfer contacts, messages, photos and any other type of file.

iSkysoft Toolbox: how to use the app to transfer data

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your Windows or Mac PC (in fact it acts as a link between the two mobile devices), you need to connect to the device the smartphone or iPhone from which you want to extrapolate the files. Once this is done, you will be presented in front of this screen:

Given the context, the option we are interested in is Switch. Before selecting to go further with the operations, however, it is good to note that the options available in this app are very many.

The next screen will show us the two connected devices and, in the middle of the window, the transferable data (contacts, messages, videos, music, photos, apps and much more). Note as above the representations of the devices is present, in addition to the name of them, also the name Source and Destination : possibly use the Flip button . At this point, just select which files we want to accompany during the “big” jump from the list in the middle and then click on Start Transfer(the button at the bottom, in the middle of the screen).

At this point, it is necessary to wait. It is more than logical how, if the source is to transfer music and video files, it will take some extra time (this type of file is usually quite expensive in terms of storage space).

When the data transfer is complete, a window appears informing you of how all the data has been transferred without any particular problems. This is an extremely simple operation that does not fully reflect everything that can be done with this software.

Not just data transfer

As already mentioned, iSkysoft Toolbox is actually a tool that goes well beyond the simple transfer of iOS / Android or Android / iOS data. Among the many features that it offers users, there is the ability to make real backup of your mobile device on your computer, restore your iOS device, unlock smartphones, recover data and more.

In short, it is a complete tool, ideal for those with iOS and Android devices. If there is a need to “communicate” two devices so different, iSkysoft Toolbox is the app for you!

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