Samsung has unveiled one of its upcoming mobile devices. During the Chinese premiere of the Galaxy A9s, the Galaxy A8s also featured an unprecedented piece of Galaxy A8s with a display across the front of the construction.

However, the traditional cutout seems to replace the hole. This is also suggested by the reference to “pioneering technologies”.

Leader Ice Universe lectured on this idea, which was published on its Twitter profile, among other things, an authentic shot where we have a unique opportunity to see part of the announced mobile news. Better to say, the front of the smartphone where there is only the display panel.

Ice Universe in a fresh tweet speculates (in the meantime, it tried to erase it, but we managed to make a screenshot) over something like this South Korean giant has achieved. Consider either a pull-out mechanism or, as the leaker, the hole in the display. The second option is expected to create a trend for 2019. It has the potential to replace today’s cutouts.

Sleeping cameras are not bad, but unlike ordinary holes, they are a bit impractical. That’s why Samsung and its decisions are expected to reach the opening rather than the mechanical solution that would make the entire production process considerably more complicated.


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