Kidding was the series I started to see due to the trailer that, as if by magic, appeared on YouTube late last summer. Performed by Jim Carrey, Kidding is based on a Drama with a dash of Comedy.

The plan, for now, is that the series has only 20 episodes. The top ten are already available, and even though the latter has already been two weeks, I chose to write the article now so that no one was spoiled.

Even so, consider the rest of the article. Kidding aroused interest in me from the moment he had Carrey as the main character. The actor plays the role of Jeff Pickles, who is a person to whom no one can point the finger.

At least, that’s what we thought at the beginning of the series. Responsible, kind, affectionate, cautious, etc. These and other qualities form Mr. Pickles, a character in the figurative sense and not only that all children like.

Jim Carrey plays the lead role in the Kidding series!

Now, is all of the goodness surrounding Jeff positive? Is it real? That’s the big question that drives Drama. The show is weird, yes. At least, this is one of the accounts of the public who watched it.

Weird in the sense that it is somewhat random. But that is not why it becomes worse or more uninteresting. Quite the opposite. And of course, there is one factor that comes to liven up the whole Drama, which is the comic side.

Whether it’s Jim Carrey or other characters, the truth is you’ll be watching the show alone and there will be at least one episode per episode where you’ll laugh. No doubt.

So I think Kidding’s current rating on IMDb, for example, is fairly fair. 7,8 demonstrates how good the series is, without it being fantastic or incomparable.

Unfortunately, the second season will only arrive in 2019 and will bring only ten more episodes. The good part is that after the month of December, anything can happen.

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