Twitter grants you several tools that you can use to control what you view in your feed, and one of these tools is the one that aids you to block accounts whom you do not wish to engage with. If anyone blocked you, the sad news is that you will not receive any notification.

And there is nowhere to check a full list of accounts that have blocked you. However, not to worry, we have broken down a way to know if you have been blocked on Twitter and by whom.

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How Can I Know Who Blocked Me On Twitter?

Because there is no way to view a list of everyone and every account blocking you, you have to do some investigations on certain accounts that you feel might’ve blocked you.

  1. Launch Twitter in a web browser or via the application on your smartphone.
  2. Make use of the search box to head to the profile of an account you feel might’ve blocked you.
  3. If you have been blocked, the profile will not be seen. Rather, a message saying “You’re blocked. You can’t see or follow [the blocker’s] Tweets.” will be visible.

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What A Block On Twitter Means For The Blockee?

When you are blocked on Twitter, it is not a good experience. Twitter will not show you content from that account, or reach out to them on the platform via your account.

Specifically, when you are blocked, it is impossible to follow that person read their tweets. Their tweets will not be seen in your search results too and the individual cannot be tagged in photos as well.

Plus, no DM can be exchanged with the blocker and the “Moments” that account has created cannot be shown as well.

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