To complete the Kodi Add-on speech, we must also mention the Kodi repositories. We have already talked extensively in our in-depth study of add-ons; there we have also suggested the fastest way to install them, that is to use the zip package, but we have neglected another compelling way which consists of using a

repository to install Add. -on Kodi.

Before talking about this path, we need to deepen the Kodi repositories and answer the most common questions on the subject.

A repository is generally a web archive in which packages are organized and made available. Anyone using a Linux distribution or the Aptoide store for Android will undoubtedly be familiar with this type of approach.

The use of a repository offers some not inconsiderable advantages, in a repository, there are normally a large number of add-ons, downloadable with a click or a tap.

The best Kodi repositories

Here is a small list of the best repositories for Kodi, as you can see they are not very few:

  • ABA Repo – http://goo.gl/wGjCTl
  • Ares Wizard – http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/ (new url)
  • FreeWorld – http://freemediaentertainment.com/
  • SportMania http://sportsmania.eu/repo/
  • SuperRepo- http://srp.nu (one of the best is really full of addons)
  • Legends- http://4legends.co.uk/Legends
  • HiTechGuide- http://hitechguide.net/
  • The Community Repo- http://thecommunityrepo.netai.net/zip/
  • Mega Tron TV- http://transform.mega-tron.tv
  • TV Addons- http://fusion.tvaddons.ag
  • Catoal- http://ichi134.net16.net/Addons/Repo/
  • AK-47- http://repo.run/a47b/ (great for sports)
  • Maintenance- http://xunitytalk.me/xfinity
  • PulseMedia- http://pulsemediarepo.16mb.com/
  • Toptutorials- http://toptutorials.co.uk/kodi/
  • filmkodi- http://filmkodi.com/repository/
  • Halow TV- http://halowtv.com/halow
  • Schism TV- http://justnewtech.com/schism
  • Cold as Ice & Gentec Wizard- http://gen-tec.co/gentecwiz/
  • XunityTalk & Xfinity- http://xunitytalk.me/xfinity/
  • Dijentertainments- http://dijentertainments.co.uk/repo/
  • Noobs And Nerds- http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/
  • Just New Tech – http://justnewtech.com/
  • The Wookie- http://wiz.wookiespmc.com
  • Teamexpat.ninja- http://teamexpat.ninja/repo/
  • Power Build – http://cloud.appnettv.com/
  • cCloudtv- http://offshoregit.com/podgod/repo/zips/
  • BBTS IpTV- http://repo.bbtsip.tv/repo/
  • Genie TV- http://architects.x10host.com/repo
  • Ares Wizard- http://www.areswizard.co.uk/zip/
  • Kaosbox TV- http://install.kaosbox.tv/
  • Gentec Wizard- http://gen-tec.co/gentecwiz/
  • Tuga Free- http://www.tugafree.hostei.com/
  • Renegades TV- http://repo.sharktech.co.uk/
  • NJMSoccer- http://njmweb.we.bs/NJMSoccer/
  • Robocop- http://repo.shit.football/ (one of the best repo for sport, unfortunately not very updated)
  • MD Wizard- http://muckys.kodimediaportal.ml
  • Husham- http://repo.husham.com/
  • Prozone- http://prozone.getxbmc.com/Repos/
  • Kangotek- http://kangotek.com/repo/
  • Kodimaster- http://kodimaster.com/repo/
  • Montreal Android TV- http://upgrades.montrealandroidtv.com
  • Noobs And Nerds – http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/
  • Wookie Wizard- http://wookiespmc.com/
  • No issue- http://solved.no-issue.ca
  • The Wookie- http://wiz.wookiespmc.com
  • Fusion TV Addons- http://fusion.tvaddons.ag

Install repository on Kodi 17

Installation on Kodi 17 with Estuary theme is particularly simple, just a few simple steps:

  • open Kodi 17, go to Settings via the gear-shaped button at the top left (1).
  • Then enter the File menu (2) and in the left column go all the way down. Right there, at the end of the list, you will find the entry Add Source (3).
  • Click on the Add Source item, a window will open.
  • Click on None (4), and a text field will open where you can write the address (you can get it from the list above) of the repo you want to install. If you are on the Windows platform, you can also use the combination of ctrl + V to paste.
  • At this point below, you should put the name of the repo (5), and finally, you can click on Ok (6).

The procedure is completed at this point; your Kodi repository will be added and configured.

Install repositories on Kodi 16 and SPMC

SPMC is the best Kodi fork available on Android. If you have a tv box with CPU amlogic, it is almost a must. It is based on Kodi 16, so it has a Confluence theme.

On versions of Kodi with the Confluence theme, the procedure is as simple as that of Kodi 17 but slightly different.

Here are the steps to take if you have this skin:

  • Start Kodi, enter the menu SISTEMA is the last item on the right, once inside click on File Management.
  • Also, here at the end of the list, you will find the item Add Source, click on it, and a window will open.
  • In this window click on <None>
  • Then enter the URL of the repo you want to install (you can take it from the list above) and click on Done.
  • Entering a name for your source (the name of the repo, it might be a good idea to avoid confusion) and click OK.

Repository Kodi empty or unreachable: where did I go wrong?

If you find yourself in this case, there are great chances that you have made a mistake in writing the address, check it for good before inserting it, sometimes a character can escape. Or, and it’s another common case, the repository is no longer available or has changed the address. In this case, it is advisable to search online for the updated address, and once the address has been entered using the procedure described above, you should not have any problems.

Our Kodi repository guide is complete. If you have any other doubts, questions, or comments, do not hesitate to share them with us via a comment.

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