The use of fingerprint scanners on the screen on Android devices has begun to become a habit after being spearheaded by Vivo. There are two types of scanners: optical and ultrasound. Next year more manufacturers such as Samsung, for example, are believed to be launching devices with this fingerprint scanner system.

But for Apple device enthusiasts, this new feature may not be used on iPhone or iPad in the near future. According to leading analyst Ming Chu Kuo, Apple will not use fingerprint scanners in screens on devices manufactured in 2019. In fact, they do not have plans at this time to include them. This is likely because the Face ID system is seen more reliable with all the iPhones and iPads 2018 believed to be equipped with Face ID.

But it’s not surprising that Apple will eventually follow market trends. Previously devices with large screens are said to be unnecessary as well as OLED screens, waterproof capabilities, fast charging, and non-charging chargers.

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