Kwese is relatively new in Nigeria. The Kwese TV customer care staff really delights customers with unbeatable and timely customer care experience. This they do by making sure that customer complaints and concerns are quickly resolved in good time. In case something goes with your Kwese TV services, you can do one of the following to restore good service.

  1. Browse and go to and chat with a customer care representative. At peak hours of the day many people may be talking to them because they need help. In view of this, the chat feature may be unavailable. Unless you are on an emergency technical hitch, never pray to be in a situation where you have to engage in this online chat. It is discouraging, unless you’re very fortunate to hook up with a customer care staff. That may not be feasible. On the other hand, make sure you never leave renewing your decoder subscription till the last minute or rush hour. This advice is particularly important if you have a football viewing center. Don’t be like those who wait till last minute of a major football match of interest before they try to renew their subscription.
  2. To avoid waiting on end for an online chat, it is much better if you can call the Kwese TV customer care line of the country where you reside. If it is Nigeria, the number is 012278885.

  1. You can also contact Application Wheel Koncepts on phone 07052193183. That’s a Kwese TV dealer at No.58 Bode Thomas Surulere Lagos.
  2. Also, you can join the Kwese TV Nigeria Fans Facebook Group. This is a social media group that was created by Application Wheel Koncepts.

Kwese  TV was launched in Nigeria around November 2017. Since then, the cable TV provider has been breaking records and boundaries. If you would love to get the TV and experience a whole new world of entertainment, all you have to do is visit a Kwese TV store in your area, or look for the nearest Kwese store and get your decoder for just N10,960. When you get yourself a decoder, you become eligible to get free installation kits and the first free month of watching all the channels.

Understanding the Difference Between 4K and 8K Resolution

Cost of Kwese TV Plans

Kwese TV is reputed for being the first pay as you watch cable TV provider nationwide. It also has varied plans which can attract certain sets of customers based on how much they want to spend on entertainment. The three-day plan costs N990, the seven-day plan costs N1,850, while the 30-day plan costs N6,275.

Get on a plan to get access to over 75 channels of pure entertainment from both international and local channels.

How To Renew Your Kwese TV Subscription on Quickteller (What You Must Know)

As far as renewing your Kwese TV subscription concerns you, it is very vital to know that subscriptions are automatically renewed whenever you make renewal payment into your Decoder account before the end of the current subscription. Furthermore, when you change your current subscription plan there is a need to contact a Kwese customer care representative to apply the payment. This applies when you want to change from say three-day plan to 30-day plan or any other plan.

Complete Contacts of Kwese TV Phone Numbers and Email Addresses

People are getting fed up with the DSTV monopoly lead in cable TV industry and they are really serious about searching for nice alternatives to erase the ache. If you would be interested in getting the Kwese TV decoder, you can reach out to the following contacts. These are spread around Africa. Just contact the one that is near to you.

Getting your hand on these contacts is very essential in cases when you need them for help in times of encountering problems with their services. Furthermore, you need to know where to get the decoder, the channels they offer and which are free to air.

Apart from the reasons stated above, there are so many other reasons you may need to know about Kwese TV contact details. Get the exclusive details on how to reach the cable TV company all over Africa with the information you have below.

  1. Nigeria Kwese TV Customer Care Service Contact

Phone Number: +14407312


Address: 12, Lawanson Road, Surulere, Lagos

Twitter: @WatchKwese


  1. Botswana

Phone Number: 267074335261

Address: Plot 12893, taung, Tshwagong crescent, Broadhurst, Gabarone

  1. Ghana

Phone Number: 0242426172

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Address: New Weija Phronesis Hub Choice junction Down, Accra

  1. Kenya

Phone Number: 0709500800

Address: Suite 10, Chaka Count Argwings Kodhek Rd, Hurlingham, Nairobi

  1. Lesotho

Phone Number: 266022211000

Address: Econet Bus stop Area shop, Corner Pitsoground Stadium, next to Studio88, Maseru

  1. Liberia

Phone Number: 2310776946928

Address: Tubman Boulevard, Monrovia

  1. Malawi

Phone Number: 01895555

Address: 250 Mwanza Street, Area 15, Lilongwe

  1. Rwanda

Phone Number: 0252500511

Address: Airport Road, Kigali

  1. Sierra Leone

Phone Number: +232077171012

Address: 12, Free Street, Freetown

  1. South Africa

Phone Number: 0101100735


  1. Swaziland

Phone Number: 268076217453

Address: Mustapha

  1. Tanzania

Phone Number: 0411200092

Address: –

  1. Uganda

Phone Number: 0202408004

Address: Plot 63, kampala Road, Kampala

  1. Zambia

Phone Number: 0211374674

Address: Plot 10020 Kamwala central Park, Lusaka

  1. Zimbabwe

Phone Number: +236119119

Address: Shop No. 14, Seke North Shopping mall, Harare

All these above are Kwese TV customer care service contact for various countries they operate in.

How to Get Free Content on Kwese TV

Kwese TV subscribers who live in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, (Gaborone only) Ghana, Namibia, or Zambia can watch Kwese Free Sports (KFS) on free to air television and on Kwese iOS and Android app. Kwese TV also offers free add-on content via Kwese App and their website, which is available to viewers throughout Africa.

Get Free Sports From The Following Kwese Sports Channels

Note that these free sports (KFS) channels can be streamed on the Kwese App, or watched on free to air television, in the following countries:

Nigeria             KFS/DMS

Kenya               KFS

Ghana              KFS

Uganda            KFS/WBS

Rwanda           KFS

Zambia            KFS

Botswana       KFS

Malawi           UFULU/ KFS

Namibia         KFS

Note that you can also watch the English Premier League (EPL) Match of the Week, LIVE (Saturdays at 16:30 CAT) and the EPL Review Show as well as four live NBA basketball games per week.

You can get these in the following countries:

Ethiopia                             EBC/ OROMIA

Mauritius (EPL)                MBC

Mozambique                   TV Successo

Nigeria                              NTA

Seychelles                        SBC

Tanzania                          TVI

Congo DRC                      RTNC

Benin                               ORTB

Togo                                TVT

Uganda                           WBS

Angola                             TV Zimbo

Senegal                           TFM

Gabon                             Kanal 7

Mali                                 Africable

Congo Brazzaville         Tele Congo

Ivory Coast                    RTI

Cape Verde                   RTC

Kwese is doing well and ready to penetrate more countries in order to offer more innovative services to clients.


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