The KZ ZS10 Vs KZ ZSA battle showdown is about to begin guys. These budget-friendly earphones will be going head to head in this comparison and there will only be one winner. The ZS10 is known for its transparent body and ability to deliver deep and punchy mid-bass. While the ZSA is more on the lower budget segment, designed with full CNC technology and aluminum alloy. These earphones from KZ are known for their detachable cables, but which is going to be detached in this comparison? Let’s find out.

KZ ZS10 Vs KZ ZSA: The Design

The ZS10 was built with comfort in mind no doubt, it also has a transparent back giving it that premium feel. While the ZSA looks more rugged and was crafted with full CNC metal technology and aluminum alloy. Overall, the ZSA is smaller than the ZS10 in terms of size, but they are both comfortable to wear.

They are both equipped with detachable strong cables, this will help to switch from earphones to earbuds. The ZS10 weighs 10.64g without the cables and 24.64g when you plug the cables in. Whereas, the ZSA weighs 7.88g without the cables and 21.37g when you plug them in.

KZ ZS10 Vs KZ ZSA: The Bass

The ZS10 delivers quality bass that’s quite deep and punchy, the bass on the earphone is quite classy and balance as well. The ZSA has a nice bass as well, the energetic bass coming out of the earphones is really amazing when you look at the price. But compared to the ZS10, I think the bass didn’t do much justice. The ZS10 won in this department and I’m not that surprised.

KZ ZS10 Vs KZ ZSA: The Vent Blocking Effect

The KZ ZS10 boasts of vent blocking effects, something the ZSA could only dream of. With the vent blocking effects, you will absolutely feel the energetic and impacting sound of both mid-bass and sub-bass just for your listening pleasure on the ZS10. All you need to do is to block the vent holes, this should help improve bass level on the ZS10.

KZ ZS10 Vs KZ ZSA: The Vocals

The ZS10 delivers clear mids and enjoyable vocals, the voices coming out from the earphones were vibrant and sharp. The ZSA has some warm and clear vocals which were really impressive, to be honest. However, you will notice some harshy peaks with the ZSA, but it’s not too glaring. Overall, the vocals are much more brilliant on the ZS10.

KZ ZS10 Vs KZ ZSA: The Treble

The Treble coming out of the ZS10 is really impressive, personally, I think it has the best treble for an Earphone in its price range. Even the ZSA didn’t disappoint in this department as well, it has incredible highs no doubt. I think KZ always strive to improve on the highs and treble. I think it’s more of a tie here, as they both pretty nice.

KZ ZS10 Vs KZ ZSA: Overall Sound Quality

Going with the overall sound quality, I was more impressed with the ZS10. I mean, this might already be glaring when you check the price. But the ZSA was a worthy competitor and has its strongholds as well. They both did well in terms of sounds, but the ZS10 did it for me.

KZ ZS10 Vs KZ ZSA: The Price

The KZ ZS10 HiFi Hybrid Earphone with Mic is available on Gearbest right now for just $44.00 on Aliexpress right now and also on Amazon for $57.90. While the KZ ZSA HiFi Hybrid In-ear Earphones is more affordable on Gearbest for just $21.00 to $26.99 depending on where you are buying from.

Buy KZ ZS10 HiFi Hybrid Earphone with Mic on Aliexpress

KZ ZS10 HiFi Hybrid Earphone with Mic on Amazon

Buy KZ ZSA HiFi Hybrid Earphone with Mic on Aliexpress

KZ ZSA HiFi Hybrid Earphone with Mic on Amazon BLACK

KZ ZSA HiFi Hybrid Earphone with Mic on Amazon GREY

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