Sony Xperia 5 1
Sony Xperia 5 1

We are going to check out some recently released 6GB RAM phones below. If you can, click here to see the previous post we made about 6GB RAM phones. Here in this review we are looking at Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, Honor Play 3, Sony Xperia 5, Samsung Galaxy A90, Lenovo K10 Note.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

An all new product from Apple, the 11 Pro Max is really making waves right now as much conversation is going around the smartphone that was released in September 2019. Although it is not the only one from the stable of Apple that’s released, all the smartphones released by the company are 6GB RAM phones. What else do you expect from this mobile device? Apart from the fact that it has 256GB as the ROM, it is powered by iOS 13 which is the fastest and newest for Apple phones right now. Please note that this phone can only use one SIM.

Honor Play 3

Huawei Honor Play
Huawei Honor Play

This one is soon to be released but it has been announced in the month of September 2019. Supporting the 6GB RAM in this phone is 64GB ROM and we can tell you that this phone is made in a way that people could buy for much cheaper than the iPhone above. Of course, we can’t also compare the quality. However, display resolution is a bit poor here.

Sony Xperia 5

Sony Xperia 5

This Sony smartphone is also announced formally in the month of September and billed for release in October 2019. We love the OLED capacitive touchscreen that it comes in and as far as we can see, the 6GB RAM in this smartphone is supported with 128GB just like the iPhone mentioned above. Yet, it doesn’t exactly come with the same technology that the Apple phone comes with. However, the display feature is a very powerful one.

Samsung Galaxy A90

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

Galaxy A90 is a 5G Android. So, in this list it is prominent. The Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen is just one aspect of its good display features. We can also see that for support, the 6GB RAM is supported by 128GB ROM. This phone will be released towards the last week of September 2019. If your area is fortunate to have 5G network by now, you could check the phone out.

Lenovo K10 Note

Lenovo K10 Note

Lenovo will release this product toward end of September 2019. At this moment, it has been announced officially. Users can enjoy their dual SIM phone, which has in support of the 6GB RAM 128GB ROM which is not a bad idea at all. The resolution is not bad at all as we notice 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution there.

Vivo  Z1x

Vivo Z1x Will Launch In India on 6th September; Find The Expected Specs & Price

This Android Pie phone is already released but not available everywhere yet. By the end of this month, it should be abundant in smartphone shops. It is equipped with Super AMOLED screen at the display and that department is armed with other good features. Yet, the Z1x comes with 128GB internal memory apart from the 6GB RAM found on it.

Last Word

There go the phones on the latest 6GB RAM phones. LG and Realme has also released phones with 6GB RAM and it’s just true that if you’re looking for lots of space for storage these are very good and latest phones with latest technologies.

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