Since the launch of Apple’s latest smartphone, the famous iPhone X, more and more debates have appeared every day focusing on the type of screens that devices launched in the future should have. For most users of this type of product, the “U” shaped notch on the iPhone X seems both fresh and futuristic, although it should be noted that its user experience has some variations, of course, It is, depending on the person. Why do we bring this issue afloat? Well, the LEAGOO S9 could be the first notched Android smartphone in the style of the iPhone X.

If we take a look at the other devices that are available in the market, we can quickly see that none of these has the distinctive U-shaped screen, especially if you look at Android phones. However, we can see that, currently, the smartphone industry is not only led by Apple, so it would not be strange for a new company to make a device of this type. And yes, in fact, LEAGOO could be the first to take this step, presenting its new phone, the LEAGOO S9.

The LEAGOO S9 will open a great gateway to Android devices

According to some sources, this great Chinese company could be the one that would have the honour of launching the first Android smartphone with this type of world screen, as well as being based on Android 8.1. Also, this type of screen could easily be seen in the official trailer of LEAGOO S9 where, in addition to this important aspect, we can see the design that will count.

Something that not everyone knows is that, due to the great anticipation that is being given to this device, on the official website of the company a debate is taking place, where a LEAGOO S9 will be raffled off. If you are interested in joining, we invite you to click on the link that we will leave you below:

This great device will be officially presented at the MWC 2018 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and we will look forward to seeing what it will present to us.

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